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7 Secret Tips and Features All TikTokers Must Use

TikTok has seen tremendous growth in recent years. The level of talent that you get to see on this platform is unmatchable. Whether you are great at cooking or dancing, you can create videos on this social media stage to showcase your talent to the world and get famous. The best part of using TikTok is that it offers so many great features that help you create high-quality content for your followers.

In this article, we will be sharing some fantastic tips or features that all TikTokers can use to engage more audiences on their page. Let us go through these tricks one by one:

1. Keep following the trends

trends on tiktok

One of the best tips to engage an audience is following the trends. This assists you with generating new ideas. We wouldn’t propose making the pattern precisely as you see another person get it done, yet make it your own.

Assuming you can make the pattern more attractive and make it happen, that will offer you a great deal of consideration and a tremendous development of your page when your video takes off. Make sure to utilize the trending songs while making your recordings.

These top sounds bring you more audience significantly quicker than more up-to-date sounds, as TikTok likes to see individuals joining challenges and utilizing their highlighted music. If you can’t wait to try out making such videos, consider checking out, which will help you create TikTok videos without any watermark.

2. Recording a TikTok voiceover or Vlog

To record a TikTok video blog or voiceover, film it using the TikTok application to no one’s surprise. Then, at that point, click Next to get to the posting screen (where you type in your subtitle and hashtags).

Rather than posting your TikTok, however, you’ll begin recording your screen, ensuring that your microphone is on. You’ll need to turn the volume on your smartphone right down so you will not hear the sound from the TikTok recording while you’re recording your voiceover sound.

3. Hide the videos you liked on TikTok

TikTok like

On TikTok, every person visiting your profile can see which of the recordings you have loved or liked. Specific individuals might not generally dislike it, yet perhaps you need to keep up with some security and don’t have any desire to show individuals what you loved on the stage.

Assuming that is the situation, this TikTok tip will help you do likewise. You need to go to the Settings and tap on Privacy and safety. There you will observe a choice saying, “Who can see the videos you like.” As soon as you set it to ‘only me,’ you will see a lock on the top choices tab, which implies no one, but you can see your enjoyed recordings and no other person.

4. Using cross promotions

Assuming your business as of now has a current fan base on another social media platform, utilize this for your potential benefit! Share your new recordings to those different accounts and direct traffic back to your TikTok account. If you don’t have an existing following, this can, in any case, be accomplished with the assistance of influencers – something we know is powerful in pushing your content to heights.

A couple of strong reshares received not long after you publish will add to the speed at which you get engagement, as well as support the assortment of the attention your videos draw in. These are two basic variables in helping execution on the TikTok calculation – everything revolves around speed and variety of engagement.

A reaction video (like a duet) is essential – more than a like or a comment. Thus, ensure your videos encourage your audience to respond.

5. Hide comments with particular keywords

TikTok comments

While social media platforms are extraordinary for investigating cool stuff and giving the required spotlight to one’s innovativeness, they are additionally home to full-time trollers and unpleasant expert brats or cry, babies.

Furthermore, if you regularly end up in the good and bad of the oppressive remarks, the comment filter can end up being a guardian angel for you. Better believe it, you hit the nail on the head. This element lets you hide the remarks or comments with determined keywords on your recordings.

6. Creating a slideshow

Apart from the fact that TikTok allows you to transfer recordings from your gallery, it additionally enables you to share a progression of photographs to make a slideshow. Click on the plus sign symbol at the lower part of the screen. You’ll see choices for the length of your video, alongside one that says Templates. Swipe to pick a layout, and afterward, hit to choose photographs.

This carries you to your phone’s gallery, where you can pick numerous photographs to use in a slideshow. Assuming you’re a beginner photographic artist, it’s wise to alter your pictures utilizing one of these simple-to-utilize photograph altering programs for novices before using them.

Remember that the order for the images in the slideshow relies upon the order you select them in. Click OK in the base right corner of the screen to continue and get on the editing stage whenever you’re done.

7. Post one video every day

posting tiktok

TikTok anticipates that its influential creators should post frequently. If you desire to circulate the web, you need to make good content for individuals to see you. Assuming that you stay under the radar, your recordings will probably not show up regularly in individuals’ For You feed.

The best TikTok accounts publish recordings on various occasions every day. Okay, that degree of creation might be challenging for a single individual without thinking twice about quantity. Be that as it may, preferably, you should share a new video every day on account of a brand. The more content videos you make, the more likely you will observe something that matches the present viral frenzy. Ensure that every one of your recordings is pertinent to your interest group and followers.


Are you out of ideas or thoughts on how you can improve your content on TikTok? If that is the case with you, you need to check out the tips given above. These tips will help you reach more audiences in a shorter period and become a successful TikTok.