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Bow Hunting Vs Gun Hunting – Pros and Cons & Tips for Choosing

Hunting is a great sport. Yes, many people would disagree, and they have the right to their opinion, the same way we disagree with them. It is an ideal way to be one with nature and have an amazing time while hunting for food.

Many people all over the world enjoy it. You shouldn’t be surprised things are like that. After all, we have been hunters since the early days of our civilization. It is in the blood of every man and woman out there. There’s no use in fighting our urges.

Modern times bring other doubts out in the open. The question is not whether we should hunt or not. There, the answer is simple. Hunting needs to be a part of our society going forward. The question is a bit more perplexing. It’s about the weapon of choice.

These days the hunters have evolved, or we should say some of them took a step back. There’s nothing wrong with being closer to nature and our ancestors. This is why many people have a dilemma – a bow or a gun? If you’re one of those people you’ve come to the right place, as we’re going to talk about these choices and the proper selection.

Bow Hunting Pros

Bow Hunting

This is the original way of hunting. It is a way to experience old ages through this simple activity. It’s harder, and you need more skill to hunt. But when you reap the rewards the sensation of success is much bigger. The one thing that limits the bowhunters is that they’re not able to hunt in bad weather. This means that only sunny days come into play which is an advantage from the comfort side of things.

Furthermore, the bow hunters hunt in smaller packs. This allows you more chances of finding the target. The best part about it is if you don’t have too much experience you can practice almost anywhere. The arrows are also used more than once which saves you a lot on the material.

Bow Hunting Cons

When it comes to this type of hunting you’re going to be limited by range. To hunt efficiently you need to approach the target at a safe distance. To do this you’ll require a lot of premium camouflage. What this means is that you need plenty of equipment which can be expensive.

Besides, the kill rate with bow hunting is lower compared to guns, which can take some of the fun from the whole experience. You want to be successful after all, we’re sure of it.

Gun Hunting Pros

Gun Hunting

Many people would argue that this type of hunting offers more fun and success. When it comes to gun hunting, would like to have a word. The best part of it is that you can hunt from a distance. A rifle with an optical view offers plenty of advantages a bow could never. It generates more success.

When a hunting party is successful, bonds are created, and people get to enjoy more the whole experience. Also, it allows you to tuck into one place where you can just lie down and wait for the target to enter your view. What makes the majority of people walk down this path is the price of equipment. It is much more affordable to go gun hunting that to select a bow. When it comes to killing rate, bullets are much more efficient than arrows, so there’s that.

Gun Hunting Cons

While it is possible to go out there in nature and hunt alone, most people can’t afford this or they deem it too risky. Instead, hunters go in packs. But, when it comes to gun hunting the crowd can get over the top. Sometimes it’s hard to be quiet in a bigger crowd so the animals manage to evade the hunting party.

Also, rifle hunters go out under any conditions. Whether it’s sunny or rainy, cold or hot, or windy or snowy, it doesn’t matter. When the rifle is your weapon of choice you have no choice but to go out. When it comes to the purchase of weapons, guns are cheaper than professional bows. But, so are the maintenance cost of having a gun compared to a bow.

Which One to Choose?

bow vs gun

It all comes down to personal preferences. Not all people are the same, and you should follow your gut on this one, now that you know the pros and cons of both. The bow hunters will tell you that there’s no better way of getting to be one with nature.

After all, you’ll need to approach the target at a safe distance. One could say you’ll be looking your enemy dead in the eye which is not the case with gun hunting. So, if you look to be the one with your instincts and feel nature up close, you should go with bows.

On the other hand, we have guns. They’ve been around for a while. Not as long as bows and arrows, but we always embraced our evolution so why should things be different right now. Hunting with a rifle is a modern approach, which means you need more paperwork to handle to own and use a gun. But, for many people, it’s worth the hustle. In many cases, however, it’s avoidable by building your own rifle by visiting, After all, the thrill of pulling a trigger and getting to your prey is a sensation like no other.

Thanks to the development of arms, hunting rifles are now available to a broader audience. Almost anyone can afford to go out hunting. Of course, you’ll have an advantage over the animal with a rifle compared to a gun which can take some of the thrills.

But, in the end, as we said, it all comes down to a particular person. You know yourself, and the best way to approach this is to do what your heart and mind tell you. After all, why not try both? This way you’ll ensure that there’s no mistake and no harm done. It’s a possibility you should consider if you have the opportunity.