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Bird-Sitting Tips and Basics for Beginner Pet Sitters

Being a bird owner was considered nothing short of an exotic thing just a couple of years ago. Today, we can see that more and more people prefer to have this sort of pet rather than some other type. Sure, this is quite a personal thing. However, there are several indicators that preferences have started to change.

For instance, we can see that more than five million US citizens have pet birds. Also, many surveys have stated that there are a lot of people who are either interested or they are making the steps to acquire one of these. Of course, the bird someone chooses should be a reflection of someone’s needs and preferences.

The reason is quite simple, some of them require a lot of attention and care, while some others do not. Besides owning birds, we can see that bird-sitting has also become an interesting trend. If you are, by any means, in need of bird sitting services, be sure to visit

Today, we want to discuss some tips on how to be a proper bird sitter. Let’s check them out.

Psychology and Personality

bird owner

As is the case with any living being out there, it is safe to presume that bids have their psychology. Besides that, it is quite clear that your pet will have its personality you will need to understand to treat it properly and avoid all the problems that can occur down the road.

Some make the mistake of believing that this is something that relates solely to the instinct of the species. However, this is not the case. In fact, every single bird has its personality traits. What does this mean? Well, it is almost like with people, some are more interested to socialize, while others are not.

Therefore, you would need to establish this understanding with your pet before anything else. Naturally, this is not something that can be achieved overnight. Instead, you will need to spend quite some time with the bird and see how it reacts to different things, like, as we’ve already mentioned socialization.

Feeding Process

Feeding Process

The next thing we want to discuss is feeding. Before you can carry it out properly, it is crucial to create an environment where your pet will feel comfortable. Achieving this is not always easy since you will need to understand both the species and your pet, or the bird you are about to sit.

If you do not know where to start, we recommend you create an environment that allows you to care for the bird without opening the cage. At least for the first time. When it comes down to the food, the options are practically endless. Still, we feel that it is always best to have some good vegetables and fruits near you.

Sure, it is possible to purchase some brands that are specialized in producing this sort of food. Nevertheless, sticking to the natural ingredients is going to make sure you are keeping the pet in the best possible shape. Also, make sure that the pet always has enough water in its cage. Otherwise, you can face many problems down the road.



Now, we will touch on something we have mentioned before, socialization. A vast majority of birds out there are highly social creatures, which means they will likely have a bond with their owners.

In some cases, they can do this rather quickly, which means they can also do it with those who sit them.

Having a pet inside a cage doesn’t lead anywhere. Animals who are in a cage are not happy. Instead, try to provide it with all the necessary attention and love. We can draw a parallel with other pets, like cats or dogs. That’s why making sure that they get enough of it should be on the list of priorities for you.

One of the ways you can do that is to try to play some games. Plus, see whether is it possible for you to teach it some tricks. Without any doubt, this is something that will be both engaging and entertaining for you as well. You just need to know how competent the pet you have in front of you is when it comes to these things.



Finding the right cage is an important matter to consider. If you’re lucky, the owner will bring its own. However, this isn’t always the case. In that situation, you need to have some of these prepared. As you can presume, there are a plethora of options to choose from.

We would recommend you to stick to those who are, let’s say, more open to the surrounding. Some bird sitters make a mistake by using enclosed ones. They are not a good solution, even when a bird has company inside it.



The final thing we want to talk about is cleaning. Keeping the environment where your bird is clean should be high on the list of your priorities. At the same time, you need to be pretty careful about the products and methods you will use to do that. Why is that? Well, some of these methods can be unpleasant for the pet.

Also, it is vital to create some sort of schedule on how frequently this cleaning should be done. Sure, this is not something written in stone. You would need to find the formula that will make it work. Just make sure you have enough paper and garbage bags near you when the time comes for cleaning.

We’ve mentioned that some methods are uncomfortable for the bird. One of the most obvious ones is using a vacuum cleaner. Sure, this is an efficient way. You just need to make sure that your bird is protected from all the noise these devices create. If possible, move it to another cage, and that cage to another room.

In Conclusion

Becoming a good bird sitter is not a hard thing to do. Still, it requires some knowledge on your part. Here, you can check out some tips on how to become a competent sitter.