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Top 10 Best UV Light for HVAC System 2024 – Kill All Harmful Micro-Organisms

UV light has been used for years to sanitize and also curb the spread of harmful microbes.

To effectively kill germs and mold, you ought to know the best UV light for HVAC system. All it takes is just a few minutes to grasp insights concerning the best UV light products.

UV light has been effective in different sectors, from hospitals, homes to the food industry.

Since its discovery, life has been easier for humans and primarily for keeping away common virus and bacteria-linked ailments.

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A Quick View on the Best UV Light for HVAC System

Our Top Picks for 2024

Owning a UV light gadget is paramount to kill germs and bacteria as well as purifying the air.

To achieve this, it’s essential to recognize some notable UV light products. Let’s get started to find the best HVAC UV light.

01. REKO R2000 UV-C Light System Air Purifier – Best UV Light for HVAC System

REKO R2000 UV-C Light System Air Purifierir?t=obesise 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B078MMJZ74


REKO R2000 lightning air purifier is a USA-made UV light.

In terms of quality, it’s average but provides immense benefits like fast installation, efficiency in operation, and also provides the best UV light.

If you want to sanitize your home and kill all the harmful micro-organisms, you can rely on the REKO brand. REKO bulbs are great at curbing the spread of germs and assure killing 99% of them.

But what are some notable features of REKO R2000?

For some people, setting up a UV light accessory onto their HVAC system can be cumbersome. Installing this gadget is a simple task that only takes fifteen minutes.

To achieve the best performance, install this product in the duct of the HVAC system.

The availability of two dual lamps ensures the HVAC system gets enough UV light. If you want optimum UV light, you can combine the two lamps and get a total of 253.7 NM.

All that matters is the size of your HVAC system. You can as well use one light for smaller systems.

Comparing the product price tag and its features, this product is a cheap bargain. A UV light product running for 8000 hours doesn’t come easy and that’s why we find it to be affordable.

For the best price, visit different sellers and compare the prices.

When it comes to ultimately killing mold, germs, and viruses, the REKO R2000 is the best at sanitizing your home. With two UV light bulbs, the product increases the intensity of UV light for effective results.

Remarkably, the product also eliminates bad odor and purifies your home in less than an hour.

  • User-friendly and fast to set-up
  • It comes at an affordable price
  • The USA made product
  • Has an extensive power cable
  • Not highly durable


02. HQUA OWS 12 – Best Ultraviolet Water Purifier Filter

HQUA OWS 12 Ultraviolet Water Purifier Filterir?t=obesise 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01N2YMU3O


HQUA is a recognized water sterilizer model and purifies homes or enclosed spaces in less than an hour.

Germs and mold appear at any time and that’s why it’s recommendable to be armed with a sanitizing gadget like the HQUA OW 12.

Remarkably, this product doesn’t use any chemicals, making it safe for humans.

Installing this gadget is one of the easiest things. You don’t need plumbing skills to anchor the product on the HVAC system safely.

Simply install it horizontally and connect the UV lamp to about 3 ft.

Also, it’s wise to notice that the set-up process only takes 15 minutes and then you can sanitize your home.

When purchasing this product, you notice it comes with a long cable that runs almost 3.3 ft. connecting this device to a 120 Volts, 60 Hz power source.

When connected, there are two ballets.

A green light shows the system is functioning and a potential red fault.

UV light emitted has the capability of degrading all harmful microbes that cause ailments. If you are a family man and have kids, this tool will keep bay microbes.

Importantly, everything used to sterilize houses is eco-friendly and thus safe for human contact.

A stand-out aspect of this product is its unique design which makes it simple to handle and carry. Running 37.5 inches long and 2.5 inches across, the sanitizer occupies less space.

To prevent leakages, the quartz sleeves are attached using Silicone material (O-ring). Besides, the use of stainless steel provides top-notch grade while harnessing the durability of the tool.

  • Sanitizes homes fast and effective
  • Doesn’t use chemicals to sterilize
  • A powerful UV light product
  • Easy and fast set-up
  • Sometimes irritates the skin


03. HQUA OWS 6 Safety and Reliable Water Sterilizer Filter

HQUA OWS 6 Safety and Reliable Water Sterilizer Filterir?t=obesise 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01NCQUE0X


A smaller version of the HQUA water sterilizers. Getting this product protects your home from harmful microbes like viruses, germs, and mold.

Importantly, it’s environmentally friendly and safe for humans.

Kill 99.99% of bacteria by acquiring the HQUA OWS 6!

To set-up, this tool is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4 and a task you can achieve on your own. Within 15 minutes, this product is completely set-up to sanitize.

Remember that this tool is installed horizontally on a ballast wall.

Find useful insights on how to better install the tool by reading the user manual.

HQUA OWS 6 is made of an attractive design that is harnessed of stainless steel for longer tool durability. Overall, it’s lightweight for convenient installation.

No chemicals are used to sanitize enclosed spaces or homes. Only water is required to flow at the stipulated range to harness a flow rate of 30mj/cm3.

Ideally, this product doesn’t pose any health concerns and is conveniently safe for humans.

If molds and germs have been a constant menace in your home, this product is the right remedy for you.

Emitted UV light is strong enough to degrade microbes and thus protect the whole family completely.

Visiting healthcare centers frequently in the cold climate is a thing of the past if you own this gadget.

You can connect this tool 6.2ft away from the ballast wall since the connecting cable is this distance long. A long-distance connecting cable helps move the product in all directions in homes.

  • Fast and simple set-up
  • Connecting cables are long
  • Doesn’t use any chemical substances
  • Provides reliable performance
  • Lacks a timer when purchasing


04. SilverOnyx Air Cleaner with Carbon Filter – Best UV Light Air Filter

SilverOnyx Air Cleaner with Carbon Filterir?t=obesise 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B074SVHQZL


An excellent option for air purifiers and comes with many unique features that wow people. With up to five filtration processes, this air cleaner ensures quality air.

Also, it’s made of lightweight material and has an affordable price tag. Let’s look at some notable features making the SilverOnyx stand-out.

Germs, bacteria, and mold that grow particularly during humid times are harmful to our bodies. If you frequently receive flu, this tool is what has all along been missing.

With an immense ability to kill 99.99% of all harmful microbes, visiting a hospital any time soon won’t happen. Also, it’s eco-friendly and poses no health concerns when installed in homes.

An outstanding feature to realize is the five-process filtration mechanism. Fresh air is what you breathe the moment this gadget is installed in your apartment.

Carbon filters that are fitted with a mesh filter are ideal for absorbing unwanted substances like fur and hair.

According to the manufacturer, this product has the immense ability to filter 99.97% of unwanted particles and thus neutralize bad odor.

A cylindrical design ensures that this gadget purifies air in a 360-degree manner.

To regulate the cleaner, locate the control system mechanism located at the top of the machine. Besides, the design of the tool is simple and allows users to turn the filter conveniently.

Suitable for people owning pets and smokers. What makes the tool ideal for these persons is adjusting overall airflow and thus ensuring only quality air prevails in enclosed spaces.

Compared to most purifiers, it covers an improved 60% more surface area.

  • Up to five filtration processes
  • Very simple to utilize
  • Automatic adjustment of airflow
  • Great for improving air quality
  • Not efficient for larger areas
  • A few negative online comments


05. VAVA Energy-Saving Air Cleaner

VAVA Energy-Saving Air Cleanerir?t=obesise 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07KM86QSV


A much-advanced air purifier product that utilizes 3 filtration stages. Results are effective elimination of contaminants by 99.97%.

Remarkably, the purifier works silently and can be switched to sleep mode.

Another great feature is its energy-saving feature, as the tool can be adjusted to shut-off at intervals of 2, 4, or 8 hours. On the downside, the product doesn’t work well when installed in larger rooms.

When in full operation, it’s hard to notice if there is a UV light installed.

It works silently and the best thing is a user can adjust the product to go to sleep mode. All light indicators are shut down to give you the night comfort you deserve after a long day.

Also, it has three fan speeds for ensuring air is purified effectively.

Are you troubled by ailments like flu once in a while?

If so, consider installing the VAVA air purifier product since it eliminates all viruses and bacteria. By eliminating 99.97% of bacteria in enclosed units, this tool is one of the best in this review post.

VAVA air cleaner utilizes three stages to purify the air in homes and enclosed areas. For air to be purified, it has to pass activated carbon fiber.

Then before being released to the atmosphere, air passes via UV-C light.

The end result is the best air quality for improved health. If you have an infant, this is the ideal gadget for cleaning the air and is approved for Ozone safety.

A safe deal to rely on for a year before replacing the UV light.

  • Super simple to operate
  • A lightweight and portable product
  • Doesn’t produce sound when operating
  • Conserves much energy
  • Un-ideal for larger rooms


06. Honeywell High Quality UV Treatment System

Honeywell High Quality UV Treatment Systemir?t=obesise 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B004I5CSCQ


A versatile home-based air purifier that is energy efficient and also improves the quality of air effectively. For many years, Honeywell has provided reliable technology with endless innovation.

To curb harmful microbes on surfaces and in the air, the Honeywell UV system is the best deal.

One thing awesome to realize in this product is the simple and attractive design. Unlike other air purifiers that come with complicated designs, Honeywell is super simple to utilize.

To control the intensity of UV-C light, a knob situated at the rear of the tool is used.

Another important aspect concerning the product, its UV lamps can be replaced easily with other types of 3rd party light accessories.

Honeywell is an energy-efficient UV light gadget and consumes less power compared to regular air purifiers. To power this gadget, you need a low wattage of 36 plus 120 volts of AC.

For optimal use of the UV lamp, the tool uses SmartLamp control tech.

The use of the SmartLamp tech helps to increase the overall run time while at the same time significantly reducing the need to replace the air purifier.

The overall change of bulbs has become a better option compared to the LED alert displayed when the tool needs to be changed.

To set up this air cleaner is fast and super easy. Even for people who are not pro at handling the HVAC system, installing one isn’t cumbersome at all.

Importantly, a user manual is provided during the purchase and contains immense insights on how to set up the air purifier.

To achieve the best performance results, set up the tool in the duct area of your HVAC system.

  • Simple set-up process
  • An energy-efficient product
  • Harnessed with SmartLamp tech
  • Minimizes lamp run time
  • It tends to overheat after sometime
  • Negative online reviews


07. Bryant UVLXXRPL1020 Replacement-Bulb

Bryant UVLXXRPL1020 Replacement-Bulbir?t=obesise 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B008PGKYY8


Bryant is one of the best replacements for UV light bulbs that offer great value for money spent. Curb bacteria and mold from your home by installing this product in your home.

A much simpler UV light bulb that comes with a user guide to help in fast installation. Remarkably, you don’t need to hire an expert when installing this tool.

For best installation, you require enough space to fit the HVAC system and proceed to set everything conveniently.

If mold and germs have encroached your space, this UV light bulb is what has been missing. When performing at an optimal level, the bulb produces enough power to deter mold and harmful microbes.

Additionally, once installed, the tool improves the overall quality of air conveniently.

This product is energy-efficient and doesn’t empty your wallet fully by paying high sums in terms of power consumption.

For the UV bulb to work, power is essential, and based on the manufacturer’s manual, the tool utilizes 110 V AC power and 27 watts.

Engineers tasked with making this product incorporated a simple design outlook for improved ease of use. In terms of size, the UV light bulb measures about 21 inches long.

To uninstall this UV light bulb and replace it with a new one, a Dremel tool helps to unscrew everything for easy access to the UV light.

If you are in search of a great, top in performance, and affordable air purifier, this product is the best bet.

Spend a few dollars and save huge while at the same getting the best service. We recommend buyers scrutinize product prices by visiting different shop outlets.

  • It takes less effort to install
  • An energy-efficient product
  • Has an affordable price tag
  • An extensive UV lamp
  • Replacing UV lamp is tricky


08. Pure UV-C PCO UV-C Light System with Activated Carbon Filter

Pure UV-C PCO UV-C Light System with Activated Carbon Filterir?t=obesise 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07BPHD2LM


Pure UV-C light makes a unique product in this review since it utilizes a carbon filter to trap harmful microbes. Remarkably, this product purifies the air in just hours and also is a good remedy for removing burnt AC.

Despite these advantages, UV light has a short life span and usually calls for replacement after a few months.

To fix this gadget only takes a few minutes. When purchasing, you are availed of a user manual full of insights on how to install better. To firmly install, anchor Pure UV Light on the HVAC system.

A magnetic mounting system makes the whole process of set-up super simple.

The performance of this product is unrivaled since it purifies the air in a matter of hours. If your house has a bad odor, UV Light is the right gadget for bringing freshness back to the house.

It goes 110 V of AC at 50Hz and wattage of 25 watts in terms of power usage.

The overall design of this light lamp is quite adorable and it’s large enough to emit maximum UV light. Mold and growth are well curbed by this 16.75 inch long by 2.5-inch wide product.

Once you have installed it, just wait for less than an hour to feel a difference around your house. Adds freshness in homes remarkably.

With new tech innovation, makers of this product used special carbon filters to eliminate germs and mold.

The use of the carbon filter tech makes this tool effective for purifying air and surfaces in homes.

  • Good for eliminating harmful microbes
  • Very simple to set-up
  • An extensive UV lamp
  • Harnessed with activated carbon
  • Becomes obsolete fast
  • Negative online customers reviews


09. DEAL UV 14 Inch AIR Purifier with HVAC Coil

DEAL UV 14 Inch AIR Purifier with HVAC Coilir?t=obesise 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01GWVT3SU


If you are disturbed by mold and germs at home, UV AIR Purifier is a great and affordable cleanser. It takes a few hours to improve the quality of air in enclosed spaces.

With a simple installation process, it takes only 15 minutes to set up. Remarkably it lasts for over 9,000 hours before it drops light versatility by 50%.

Connect this UV lamp to a suitable HVAC system and get an all-time service worth money spent to acquire it.

When connected to the 24 V power unit, this brand of the light lamp will last for over 9000 hours until it reaches the 50% drop level.

There is no better servant than this must-have UV light accessory when it comes to eliminating germs, bacteria, and mold.

In case the evaporator coil or enclosed air is contaminated, this tool will work within hours to clean everything.

To refresh your home and wow visitors, consider installing this tool. For safe, fast, and strong fitment of the tool, special magnetic bracket technology is used.

The inclusion of these safety brackets allows one to have confidence the tool is be firmly connected to the HVAC system.

Electrical appliances are prone to damage when the power outage surpasses the required range.

Every single product released by the brand is fitted with Intelligent Voltage Protection to secure the AC system against electrical power overload.

As such, in case the power becomes rogue, the UV light lamp will stay safe.

If you are wondering whether the emission of UV light is a health hazard, then don’t. The emitted light is safe when exposed to humans and amazingly kills 99.99% of germs in homes.

  • Curbs spread mold effectively
  • Maximum protection and performance
  • Installed using magnetic brackets
  • Cumbersome to install


10. Bryant Replacement UVLXXRPL3020 UV Duct Lamp

Bryant Replacement UVLXXRPL3020 UV Duct Lampir?t=obesise 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B008D7LIX0


Bryant Replacement Lamp is the final product in this review and has one of the best designs. If you are not savvy at technical works, don’t be afraid since installing the product is super easy.

Another great thing to realize is the presence of a user guide that allows fast installation.

Bryant provides value for money spent acquiring it and represents a new evolution in the UV light lamps industry. Let’s look at some notable insights concerning this tool.

Once installed, this product provides superior performance and since it’s a 27 watt, expect nothing less.

First, you need to find the correct place of installation before proceeding to connect to a 220 V power outlet.

If you are seeking a sanitizer UV light lamp, look nowhere elsewhere but at the Bryant Replacement lamp.

An awesome thing realized from this product is its single unit availability during the purchase. When installing this product, ensure it’s fixed aboveground at a about 3-inches.

In total, the whole unit should run for about 19 inches. To fix this product and get it running takes less than five minutes.

Before setting up the Bryant replacement bulb, first, understand the design of the HVAC system. Importantly, understand that this lamp isn’t a standalone tool.

For it to function, you require a full unit. As such, have all accessories at your side to fast and firmly anchor the Bryant replacement lamp.

A good UV light that costs less than most products found in this review. If you are on a low budget and want to curb the spread of bacteria and mold, look no further.

Acquiring this tool ensures you are blessed with a gadget that leaves some monetary money for use elsewhere.

  • Installed in 15 minutes
  • A durable UV light lamp
  • A wise bargain to seek
  • Cannot stand alone


User Buying Considerations the Best UV Light for HVAC System

UV Lights in HVAC Systems

Before buying you the choice of UV light lamp, consider these points…..

Ease of Maintenance

First, when purchasing the best UV lamps, it’s wise to check on the ease of maintenance the particular product asks for.

After using the tool for a couple of months, it becomes crucial to clean and remove all fur and dust.

To achieve a great maintenance experience, you require to have ease of access to the tool. Making a replacement for this gadget is a simple task.

In some instances, you may be required to unscrew bolts to effectively clean the tool.

For effective sanitization, use alcohol-based cleaners and don’t touch the tool with open arms. Hands have oil and touching could lessen the self-life of the tool.

Overall product reliability

A product is described as reliable if it purifies the air, kills mold and germs, and has the best filtration.

Health experts speculate that UV light lamps have an immense ability to prevent diseases like flu.

All in all, the idea of having a UV light lamp that can cleanse the air and curb the spread of mold makes these products a wise bargain.

For example, hospitals have adopted the use of UV light in sterilization, which has worked well.

UV Lamp Size

An important part to consider before purchasing a suitable UV lamp is its size.

Don’t go for the extra-sized one or a smaller one. In most cases, the amount of surface area to be covered determines the UV lamp’s length.

Much longer UV lamps are suitable for large enclosed spaces like halls. Shorter ones work well when installed in single rooms or offices.

After installing the UV lamp, ensure that the tool is not exposed. Gazing at the UV lamp can hurt eyes and, in extreme cases, lead to loss of eyesight.

Always side with a UV lamp that complements well with your HVAC system. Also, it should fit well with the HVAC system you own.

UV Lamp Number

UV Lights in HVAC

For larger rooms, it’s crucial to go for products that have dual lamps. On the other side, if the space is small and compact, a single UV lamp is a great fit.

All that matters is the surface area a suitable lamp is meant to cover.

Multiple UV lamps are much versatile compared to single UV lamps. In terms of pricing. Multiple UV lamps are much expensive than single ones.

A major reason for the price increase relates to the amount of electricity consumed.

Dual UV lamps consume more energy than single ones. Before getting the right UV lamp, grasp the effects of installing one to make a wise decision corresponding to your wants and preferences.


The quality of the product determines its overall durability. Check for the type of brand and its design. Try shaking it a bit to see if everything is intact.

If you feel some tools are not intact, avoid buying such a UV light lamp.

One notable sign of a mediocre UV lamp unit is wobbling effects. One thing we can’t evade is the fact, a poorly designed UV lamp deteriorates after some months.

Also, the material of making plays a key role in determining the durability of the UV lamp.

Cost of Installation

When seeking the best UV light for your HVAC system, installation cost are an important element to consider.

Notable costs involved include the purchase price and cost of installation.

All these costs can be high and end up draining your wallet. We recommend people to learn how to install these gadgets solely to save.

When purchasing UV lights for the HVAC system, most of them come with a user manual with valuable info on installation.

Also, other products use magnetic-type braces and this simplifies the set-up process. Before embarking on purchasing a suitable UV lamp, consider how easy it is to install it.

Additional features

Some brands add more features to the product to increase its value and thus fetch higher market prices.

One major inclusion is the availability of viewing areas which tells when the bulb has started to deteriorate.

On the other hand, there are products which come with warning lights. With current tech innovation, anything is possible.

Off late, some brands have enabled products to send reminders on user’s smartphones.

Common FAQ’s for the Best HVAC UV Light

Installing a UV Light and Air Treatment System in an HVAC

In this review part, we are going to look at some common online queries asked by customers and other third parties concerning UV lights and HVAC systems.

Also, we will provide answers to the queries in detail as possible.

Here are FAQs about Best UV Light for HVAC System……..

Does the UV light emit pose health concerns?

UV light emitted shouldn’t be exposed to skin or eyes for long durations. Due to the health concerns posed, UV lights are always enclosed to enable users to see they are functioning at a far distance.

Does UV light smell?

If installed in an enclosed space, UV light produces a certain odor.

Most people testify to smelling a metallic kind of odor. Don’t get frightened at the sound of metallic smell since this is Ozone gas and has no harmful effects when breathed.

What is the average cost of a replacement UV bulb?

Depending on the brand of UV lamp you are seeking, prices differ a lot.

Most lamps that we have reviewed usually cost around $70 to $ 100. Apart from this cost, you may encounter other charges like hiring a technician if you lack the technical know-how.

All in all, installing and setting up UV light lamps shouldn’t surpass $300. Remember, it all depends on the make of the product and the technician you hire.

How long do replacement bulbs run?

Averagely, these systems run for around 9,000, although some surpass this range. Also, most of them can last for about a year before they require to be replaced.

How effective and fast is UV light when killing mold?

Molds are cumbersome to eliminate and the time taken to effectively kill them depends on the type. UV light is an effective way to kill mold, although it takes time.

Some species of mold can’t last for minutes after exposure to UV light, while others take hours to eliminate. Also, it depends on the type of UV light bulb you are using.

IS UV lightfast at eliminating harmful microbes?

UV light, when working at optimal, kills bacteria in less than fifteen seconds. In hospitals, UV light has been used effectively as a disinfectant.

From a distance of 10 inches, the UV light takes only 10 seconds to kill all bacteria. As the distance between the harmful microbes and UV light increase, the less the power to effectively kill bacteria.

How effective is UV light in purifying enclosed rooms?

UV light has immense ability to kill harmful airborne microbes in hours. Eliminating these microbes increase the quality of air.

When installed, it takes less than two hours to feel a difference in the freshness of the air breathed. In hospitals, UV light has been used effectively as a sanitizer due to the prevalent conditions.

Does UV light lose strength after some time?

UV light, when used for some time, usually undergoes a process called solarization.

By this, we mean the strength of UV light drastically reduces by about 50% compared to what a brand new lamp would deliver. An average UV lamp usually reaches this level after operating for about a year.

What are the drawbacks of utilizing UV light systems?

Although UV light has its fair portion of benefits, it’s wise to recognize the drawbacks. Gazing at the UV light directly without wearing safety glasses can harm the eyes.

Remember, UV light is a type of radiation and extreme exposure can harm your skin and eyes. In some scenarios, it causes skin cancer and blindness.

What is the ideal location for setting up UV light?

Usually, there is no specific designated location for installing UV light.

However, it’s recommended that these air purifiers be set in moist areas. According to experts, the convenient place to anchor UV lamps is at the duct of the HVAC or a distance above the HVAC system coil.

By being anchored at these places, UV light shines brightest to kill all harmful microbes and mold before they infect the HVAC system.

How safe is UV light for use in HVAC systems?

UV light is quite safe for use in HVAC systems. A commonplace where UV lights are used is hospitals this making it ideal for use in homes.

Contrary to this, UV light has its effects and can negatively impact HVAC systems made of plastic material.

UV light deteriorates plastic material and that’s why experts recommend once you install the UV light, consider getting a much resilient and durable material.

How to Install UV light in HVAC: Step by Step Process

Installing a UV Light and Air Treatment System in an HVAC Unit

In this section, we are going to look at procedures for installing UV lights in HVAC systems.

First, you need to place the UV light in a reflective location and also link to high-intensity filters. Before embarking on installing one, it’s wise to read the manufacturer’s manual concerning mounting.

Step1: Choose a convenient location

First, you need to find a suitable location to install the UV lights.

If the bulbs are set at the wrong location, they won’t work effectively in eliminating mold. A commonplace where mold like to thrive is the evaporator coil.

Installing UV lights in this location will help prevent the spread of harmful microbes. Sometimes, mold grows in the HVAC system without you knowing.

If you find a particular place in the HVAC system to have been affected already, install UV light in such a location.

First, start by setting the tool at the most problematic area before moving to others.

There’s no reason to treat other less affected areas while you know where the real problem lies.

Step 2: Make holes for the UV lamp

After you have found a convenient location for installing the UV light lamps, it’s time we drill holes for fitting the lamps together.

To do so, you need to drill about two holes and since the UV light lamps have screws, anchoring it to the HVAC system is super easy.

First, you need to make correct hole measurements and ensure they complement the UV light screws. Seek info on the screw size from the user guide before embarking on drilling holes.

A reliable tool for drilling holes in the saw drill bit. Ensure the HVAC system is shut down when drilling holes to avoid workplace injuries.

Step 3: Screw UV light strongly onto the HVAC system

Here, screw strongly the UV light lamp to the HVAC system air handler component. When purchasing UV light lamps, ensure screws are availed to help ease the overall installation process.

To screw everything together, utilize a convenient screwdriver and anchor the UV light lamp onto the metal.

When anchoring the screw, ensure the screws aren’t extremely tightened as it may lead to cracks.

Breakages are the last thing you want when installing UV lamps. Never power the UV lights before they are fully set-up. Remember, UV light can injure your skin and eyes.

Step 4: Power the UV light System

By now, the UV light should be well-secured and it’s high time you power the HVAC system.

Modern UV light lamps have longer cords and all that is required is to plug the tool into the current outlet channel.

In most apartments, there is an outlet. After installing the UV light, it’s time to switch on the HVAC system. Before leaving, check and confirm the UV light is turned on.

A bluish glowing light usually shows the UV light is working appropriately.

Step 5: Cleaning and Replacing UV light Lamp

Cleaning UV light lamps is crucial and should be done after a couple of months. To clean, just remove the lamp and clean using soft clothing.

To remove dirt, go for regular glass cleaning agents.

Don’t clean the UV light lamps with bare hands but wear gloves. After a year, you will be required to replace the bulb.

Even though the blue light is emitted after this period, there is a need to replace the tool.

You may still see the blue light, but this doesn’t mean enough UV light is being emitted.

Does UV Light Kill Mold?

A ubiquitous but crucial question is that most UV light lamps ask if UV light is strong enough to kill. To answer the question, we first need to recognize how UV light works.

Let’s start……

UV light, when used rightly, has immense ability to kill different kinds of pathogens, mold included.

In most homes, these gadgets are anchored on different locations, but you will find them in HVAC systems when curbing mold.

By mode of action, the best UV HVAC light system works by penetrating the cells of mold. Emitted UV light from the lamp first interferes with the mold cells’ productivity before preventing them from regenerating.

All the nucleic acid is affected by the UV light, and within a couple of hours, all the mold will have been eliminated.

For example, most HVAC systems are affected by mold and that’s why UV light lamps are a necessity.

Affected areas around the coil are first radiated with UV light making spores and mold degenerate. In hospitals, you will find no mold instances since UV light is used to sanitize the whole unit.

Beware! For effective elimination of pathogens and mold, a much higher level of UV light is required.

Remember, mold cells multiply super-fast and that’s why a higher intensity UV light I recommended. As such, you need to have a product that can emit the right UV light intensity to eliminate mold effectively.

Types of UV lights for the Best UV Light for HVAC System

Why Do I Need A UV Light In My Air Conditioning System

Two different types of UV lights exist and are all great when installed on the HVAC systems. You will find different names being given to the two types of UV light.

Without further ado, let’s look at the two types of UV light suitable for HVAC systems.

Coil Purifying Lights

Indoor coils are suitable for centrally located air conditioning.

Mold and bacteria like to thrive in these areas as the coils condense air to water. Mold and bacteria thrive well in wet surfaces and consequently spread to other areas.

Air Purifying Lights

Air purifying light lamps are usually anchored in the duct area to purify the air.

By functionality, these gadgets are engineered to eliminate all airborne microbes. Most manufacturers make the U-shape and stick types of air purifies.

Variations of Deck Lights

Deck lights add ambiance at night, making gardens magnificent.

Inspirational decking lights allow homeowners to enjoy serene and memorable evenings, especially during summer. But what are the different variations of deck lights?

Let’s look at some notable ones….

String Lighting

Adds light conveniently to a structure close to your deck.

Also, it works well when installed on a composite deck nearby. All you need to do is hang the lights above average human height.

Finalize by illuminating string light to have a comfy ambiance.

Solar Deck lights

Solar deck lights are attractive and classy since they are available in an array of forms and colors.

A good thing realized from these types of deck lights is the ease of installation and importantly, they don’t require power.

Also, they are eco-friendly and help conserve the environment.

Wall Deck lights

Wall deck lights use LED to improve the appearance of homes. Much easy to install and convenient to connect to power sources.

You can adjust the light by shielding it to face a particular direction.

Stair Deck lights

A good place to add decking lights is the stairway. Placing the deck lights on the steps of stairs adds more liveliness to the surrounding.

Importantly, stairs deck lights act as safety measures when stepping down.

Final Words

We hope you now understand how UV light lamps work and their benefits.

Before embarking on buying the best UV light for HVAC system, ensure your choice of UV light lamp emits the UV-C type of light. UV-C light kills germs and harmful microbes in minutes and that’s why it’s recommended.

Also, install the UV light lamp in a convenient location, more so near the ductwork.

Every year consider replacing the UV lamp since these gadgets last about a year and then lose their ability to emit enough UV light to kill germs.

Remember, UV light, when exposed directly to the eyes, can lead to loss of eyesight.

Also, the light affects the skin and health experts recommended avoiding direct body contact with UV light.

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