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15 Best Tanning Bed Bulbs 2024 – Salon Tanning Lamps

Are you on the lookout for the best tanning bed bulbs? If so, then this review post is specifically made for you. Tanning beds are vital machines that help to nurture and improve the tone of our skins reliably.

These machines are found in most salons and spas for commercial purposes. Currently, more people are buying these machines by setting them at home.

As such, it becomes vital to learn more about these machines to ensure you are doing the right tanning. Sellers of these machines have many options where one can choose the most suitable one.

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The quality and durability of tanning bulbs play an important role in the overall running of tanning beds. Also, these two aspects dictate the quality of skin tone achieved.

Top Picks Tanning Bed Bulbs 2024

Since there are diverse choices, it’s crucial to side with the best. Continue reading this review post to access some of the best tanning bed lamps. We thought you should know!

1. Sperti Salon Quality Fiji Sun Home Tanning Lamp

Sperti Salon Quality Fiji Sun Home Tanning Lampir?t=obesise 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B001ID8P78


This Sperti is one of the best tanning bed lamps to affiliate with this year. Everything needed to set up the lamps are provided, affording users an easy installation time.

Most tanning lamps lack the auto-off feature for regulating tanning. Sperti is equipped with this feature, and once 15 minutes lapse, the tanning bed shuts down.

The inclusion of this feature prevents users from getting skin burns and excess heating of tanning beds.

Approved by FDA

Sperti tanning lamp is approved by FDA and thus possesses no health concerns to users. People with fragile skin don’t need to worry about acquiring this product.

From sunburns to UV radiation exposure, the tanning lamp causes no harm to people. Also, it doesn’t cause any form of pollution and when buying, UVA protective eyeglasses are provided.

A top-quality bulb

In terms of quality, Sperti Fiji is a recognized brand of tanning lamps. The Exterior casing of this product is made of durable material and thus lasts for many hours.

Also, it’s simple to install and if you are new to this product, you can seek set-up instructions from the user manual.

Ideal for body and facial tanning

Designers of this tanning lamp included a customizable angle feature, which is convenient for body and facial tanning. Operating the tool is super easy and within minutes, you can enjoy great tanning results.

Multipurpose usability

Apart from being a cosmetic tool, the Sperti Fiji bulb works best when used on different brands of tanning beds. As such, purchasing the tanning lamp blesses users with a product that can be used for two different functions.

  • Simple to install and use
  • Approved by FDA
  • Customizable in diverse light angle
  • Has an auto-off feature
  • Not fast when achieving tan


2. Wolff System 100W Tanning Bed Bulbs

Wolff System 100W Tanning Bed Bulbsir?t=obesise 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00805CEKQ


A true industry leader in tanning lamps and comes at affordable pricing. Light emitted by the tanning bed bulb is safe for exposure to the human body. Save money by going for this energy saver bulb since it uses less power outage.

Here are some notable features about Wolff tanning bed lamps…..

A health safe product

A recognized brand of tanning lamps and has gained worldwide attention for being one of the best bulbs. Users of this gadget don’t need to worry about being affected by emitted light. Wolff tanning bulb is safe when exposed to human skin.

Energy efficient

To emit light, this tanning lamp utilizes about 100 watts and thus saves a huge money sum associated with paying electricity bills. Also, the amount of light emitted is enough to heat your home.

Fast to install

If you are new to this product, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to setting it up. To install Wolff tanning lamp takes less than 15 minutes.

In case you get into trouble installing the product, consider hiring a professional electrical technician.

Lasts long enough

Although Wolff doesn’t last longer than some products in this review, it lasts long enough to service you best. By purchasing the product, you can conveniently use the tanning lights for up to 800 hours.

An extensive surface area

For the provision of the right amount of light, affiliate yourself with a tanning lamp that has an extensive surface area. Engineers tasked to make this product made an enormous lamp.

Also, the whole production unit is extensive to serve users reliably.

  • Top-notch performance and reliability
  • A convenient replacement tanning bulb
  • Can be adjusted easily
  • Very simple to install
  • Negative online reviews

3. Midday Sun F71T12 5.0 100W High-Quality Tanning Lamps

Midday Sun F71T12 5.0 100W High-Quality Tanning Lampsir?t=obesise 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B0731G1414


First, midday tanning lamps are easy to set up, plus they are good at replacing tanning lamps like brilliance, diamond sun, speed 175, and many others.

Getting a replacement bulb-like Midday isn’t an easy task and that’s this product is among the best in this review. By lasting long, interested people can rely on it for many hours without worrying about replacing it.

Tanning sessions are fast and usually last for about 15 to 20 minutes.

A durable light lamp

One great thing realized by users of this brand of the light lamp is longevity. Once installed, this light lamp can last for over 12000 hours. Replacing the Midday tanning lamp any time soon is not possible as it’s meant to last long.

A good replacement lamp

A midday tanning lamp is a great replacement product and has incredible power. Some notable brands that are conveniently replaced by this product include; speed 175, gold tan, and many others.

If you want a great replacement tanning bulb, look no further but at this product. Remarkably, the tool sockets complement well with diverse tanning beds like Sun Quest, Wolff, and others.

A reliable tool

Midday tanning lamp saves users huge money sum associated with replacements. To function, this product requires 100 watts of power. Also, it’s prudent to notice that tanning sessions last for about 20 minutes.

A good pricing tag

The midday tanning lamp has a sound price tag. Compared to most products in this review post, it’s cheap and affordable to people. We recommend that people visit different shop outlets to access the most affordable ones.

  • A durable product
  • A multipurpose light lamp
  • A convenient and reliable tool
  • A great replacement light lamp
  • Nothing for now

4. Brilliance Supreme F73T12 100W RDC Tanning Bulbs

Brilliance Supreme F73T12 100W RDC Tanning Bulbsir?t=obesise 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B073DBGP43


One of the most purchased tanning bulbs in this review is suitable for home and professional tanning beds. Remarkably, the bulbs last over 1000 hours with tanning sessions lasting about 10 to 12 minutes.

With the ability to replace several tanning bed bulbs like Equator Sun, and Sunbronze 8.5, there is no reason you shouldn’t own one. Here are great features of this tanning bed light bulb.

Last for over 1000 hours

Amazingly, the brilliant F73 tanning lamp provides enough light and lasts for up to 1000 hours. When installed, it serves users endlessly and doesn’t call for a replacement anytime soon.

You can conveniently rely on the tool for a longer period and thus reducing the cost associated with buying replacement bulbs often.

Energy efficient

With a wattage of 120 watts, the bulb is energy efficient and consumes little amount of power. Although the bulb consumes less energy, it provides great tanning output.

An affordable tanning lamp

Comparing the overall usability, durability, and reliability of the tanning bulb, it’s quite affordable and a deal to not avoid. Spend your hard-earned cash on this product and you will be left with some money for improving your home.

For the best and most affordable price, visit different legalized sellers of original tanning bed bulbs and seek the price.

A convenient replacement lamp

A great thing to always look at when purchasing a tanning bed light is the flexibility of a product in replacing other lamps.

What we have found about this bulb is quite interesting. By functionality, the brilliance F73 replaces the Real Sun XXXX, Equator Sun, and many others conveniently.

  • A durable tanning lamp
  • Suitable for diverse bed types
  • An economical and reliable product
  • Provides the best therapy light
  • Nothing for now

5. Brilliance Bronzer FR71 100W Bi-pin Reflector Tanning Lampir?t=obesise 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01BT3Y7AK

Brilliance Bronzer FR71 100W Bi-pin Reflector Tanning



From lasting tanning effects to being affordable, this product is a wise acquisition in 2024. Importantly, the bulbs emit safe UV light and thus don’t hurt your skin.

There is more about this product and here are the features of Brilliance tanning lamps.

Lasts long

With 1000 hours of reliability, these bulbs are cost-effective since replacing them isn’t possible any time soon. For new users, a single tanning session should run on averagely for about 15 to 20 minutes.

If you do research, you will find that they are commonly found in spas and salon-based tanning beds.

A great replacement bulb

Brilliance bulbs are compatible with diverse tanning beds. Some notable bulbs that are conveniently replaced by the product include; the Solara reflector and Sunergy reflector.

Importantly, read the manufacturer’s specifications when replacing an obsolete tanning bed bulb.

Suitable for first-timers

Brilliance tanning bulbs are ideal for beginners but can also be used by pros. One thing great it’s fast to install and is one of the best bulbs for tanning.

Also, it can be used for commercial purposes in salons and spas.


Comparing the overall cost and benefits realized, Brilliance bulbs are affordable. By ranking, it’s one of the best tanning bed accessories in this review.

Spend less and save huge by acquiring a recognized brand of tanning bed bulbs.

Safety protected

Regular tanning beds sometimes use average bulbs that can pose health issues. Like we said earlier, UV light can affect skin tone, and that’s why it’s crucial to affiliate yourself with a safe product.

These bulbs use UV light which is safe when exposed to human skin.

  • Fits diverse tanning beds
  • Top performance and economical
  • Suitable for indoor skin tanning
  • Tans achieved are long-lasting
  • Takes time to tan

6. Wolff Systems F71 100w Diamond Sun Tanning Bed Bulbs

Wolff Systems F71 100w Diamond Sun Tanning Bedir?t=obesise 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01GR2XYZW


Wolff affiliated light lamps are a leading brand of UV light accessories. Users acquainted with this lamp enjoy immense benefits like getting enough UV light and acquiring a quality product.

With up to 1000 hours of reliability, this product is a sound bargain.

Lasts many hours

Users of this product have attested to having used it for a thousand hours which is a remarkable feature realized. Regular tanning bed bulbs last for about 750 hours which is not economical for the user.

Although the Wolff-Sun tanning bed bulb is quite expensive, the additional 250 hours is a bonus to not ignore.

Energy efficient

In most cases, tanning bed bulbs that produce light for about 1000 hours consume a lot of electricity. Huge electricity bills are prevalent with these products and that’s why it’s essential to have an energy-efficient tanning bulb.

The wolff-Sun tanning bulb consumes 100 watts of electricity which is an average range. Forget huge electricity bills associated with bed bulbs by installing this important light accessory.

Easy to install and replace

Connecting this tool is super simple, even for people who are not electrical savvy. At optimal operation, the product doesn’t produce a lot of heat.

Users can conveniently use the tanning bed bulb for sessions of about 20 minutes and have a safe temperature range.


Before being released to the public, every single product is scrutinized to ensure it operates optimally. Also, the tanning bulb doesn’t pose any health concerns to users, and the quality of tans made are top quality and durable.

  • A durable tanning bed light
  • Provides reliable performance
  • Energy-efficient and saves bills
  • A bit expensive to acquire

7. Cosmetta FST F71T12 100W Premium Quality Tanning Lamps

Cosmetta FST F71T12 100W Premium Quality Tanningir?t=obesise 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B014LJ7NS2


Within 20 minutes, these bulbs provide enough UV light to nourish the skin. Unlike regular bulbs that take over half an hour to tan, this product is fast in servicing its users.

Tan your skin in less than 15 to 20 minutes and get back to working on other important chores by relying on Cosmetta tanning bulbs.

Fits many tanning beds

Cosmetta bulbs complement diverse beds like Sunfire, Sunvision, and many others. Acquiring this accessory affords users convenient fitment on a diverse array of beds where they function brilliantly.

Also, you can interchange the bulbs with the already obsolete bulbs on an adjacent tanning bed.

A health safe product

UV light emitted by these bulbs is safe for exposure to human skin. If you are worried about the harmful effects of UV light, don’t. Engineers tasked with making this bulb ensured it produces the right UV light that doesn’t injure the skin and, most importantly, the face.

Economical pricing

In terms of pricing, Cosmetta is affordable and offers great benefits to its users. Spend little cash to acquire this accessory and save others for more important works.

Promotes melanin production

Cosmetta UVB harnesses the overall ability of the skin to produce melanin. By getting this product, you can restore your skin to your former self and thus wow admirers.

However, Cosmetta is favored mostly by women due to its immense ability to nurture skin.

  • A top quality product
  • Harnesses production of melanin
  • Doesn’t drain your wallet
  • A health safe product
  • Nothing realized for now

8. Wolff-Diamond F71 100 Watt Tanning Bed Bulbs

Wolff-Diamond F71 100 Watt Tanning Bed Bulbsir?t=obesise 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B0031OHP2S


Wolff tanning bulbs are a recognized brand that produces quality and powerful bulbs. Improved bulb quality is geared to achieving faster tans while maintaining the same skin coloring.

To achieve this, the bulbs are incorporated with higher levels of UVB rays. Remarkably, Wolff-Diamond tanning bulbs are cheap and affordable.

When we compare its features and price, this product is a wise acquisition.


Overall, the price of this package is a great bargain comparing the benefits realized from it. Save money that can be used for other works by acquiring an affordable and reliable set of tanning bulbs.

Research the most affordable one by visiting different shop outlets that legalized selling.

Meets industry standard

Before being released to the public, all 24 bulbs availed in this package are thoroughly tested to meet all factory standards.

Importantly, these bulbs are manufactured by following extreme quality control mechanisms. Results are a convenient product that meets all industry standards set on tanning bulbs.

Longer service life

By providing up to 1000 hours of tanning service, this product is on par with most tanning bulbs in this review. Users can rely conveniently on the bulbs and achieve long-lasting tans worthy money spent acquiring the package.

Great all-round

Twenty-four set Wolff Diamond tanning bulbs are suitable for amateurs. Setting up the bulbs is super easy and everything is packaged well before delivery. The provision of 24 bulbs in one unit is a great feature realized by its users.

To avoid hurting the skin, emitting the right amount of UV radiation is crucial. A phosphor blend is added to the product helps to achieve an even skin tone.

  • Operates efficiently with reliable results
  • Has an extended life
  • Factory tested before release
  • Provides long-lasting and quality tans
  • A bit expensive to acquire

9. Salon Style Face and Body Home Sun Lamp Light

Salon Style Face and Body Home Sun Lamp Lightir?t=obesise 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B08PTZSZ8J


A wise acquisition that comes with a unique design that’s attractive to the eye. When in operation, the daylight salon lamp shines enough light to uplift people’s moods.

Remarkably it’s ideal for people who work long hours in enclosed spaces. Here are great aspects of the salon therapy lamp? Let’s look at some.

Tans fast

Within a few minutes, users can enjoy long-lasting tans. To achieve this, the bulbs emit enough UV light suitable for improving skin tone. For best results, take sessions of 20 minutes and remember a little exposure to the tanning bed UV light is like sun bedding all day.

Free from harmful UV light

If not controlled to the right range, UV light can be hazardous and burn our skin. Affiliating with tanning bed bulbs that emit the right UV light is wise.

Our Salon tanning bed lamp provides enough light and importantly, it’s free from harmful UV rays.


Adjusting the angle of tabletop light is an inclusion we have realized in this product. The ability to adjust the angle is essential for efficient tanning of the facial and sectional body parts.

By owning this light lamp, you are blessed with an accessory that can be maneuvered to different body parts.

Improves our overall mood

Sunlight helps our body be rejuvenated and lifts our spirits high. We all can’t get outdoor jobs and we need to have people working in enclosed spaces.

For people working in enclosed spaces, having enough sunshine can become tricky, especially due to their busy schedules. Acquiring this daylight lamp is a wise thing as it shines enough light in a few minutes to uplift your mood.

  • Suitable for sectional body tanning
  • Free from harmful UV light
  • A great home fashion addition
  • Adjustable for sectional body tanning
  • Negative online customer comments

10. Rejuvenessence F71 Bipin 100-120W Red Light Therapy Tanning Lamp

Rejuvenessence F71 Bipin 100-120W Red Light Therapy Tanning Lampir?t=obesise 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B016IWCVBE


Are you an indoor person and rarely sunbed? If so, this important UV light bulb is a good fix to all your problems. Skin improvement is the core function of this gadget, and one thing it does is promote the production of collagen.

Remarkably, the UV light produced doesn’t burn skin and is thus health safe.

Provides enough light

Four distinct wavelengths are combined to become one in the lamp; users of this lamp are provided with enough light ideal for long-lasting tanning results.

The emitted light is of high quality and surpasses what the natural sun provides.

Temporarily eliminates wrinkles

Wrinkles are a common skin issue affecting most people, especially ladies. Anti-wrinkling lotions are expensive and require to be regularly used to reduce the adverse effects of wrinkles.

Although red lights don’t completely erase wrinkles, they temporarily erase wrinkles in addition to making long-lasting tans.

Promotes production of collagen

To nourish skin, collagen is an essential protein to harness. Red light tanning bulbs emit the right UV light ideal for promoting the production of collagen.

Health experts speculate red light is ideal for improving skin elasticity. For skin improvement, this product ranks among the best.

Free from harmful UV light

UV light can be hazardous and pose harmful effects to the skin. As such, it’s crucial to have a light range of UV light to avoid hurting skin. Extreme UV light causes skin burns leaving red marks around the face.

The light emitted by this product is of the right range and, most importantly, doesn’t pose any negative health concerns.

  • Reduces the appearance of facial wrinkles
  • Free from harmful UV rays
  • Promotes production of collagen
  • Emits attractive red light
  • Nothing realized currently


Buying Considerations for Best Tanning Bed Bulbs

Best Tanning Bed Bulbs Review

One of the trickiest things most spas and salon owners face is picking suitable tanning bed lights. For home-based users, this becomes more cumbersome since they are reserved and lack in-depth details about these important UV light accessories.

Some important things everyone should grasp before getting one include, the bulb voltage, compatibility, and fast tanning. Having robust awareness about buying considerations for the best tanning bulbs will relieve users of the burden of searching for a suitable one.

Here are notable buying considerations about tanning bed lights…….

1. Color of tanning lamp

Tanning bulbs are made of either the UVB or UVA lights which are affiliated with UV light. UV lights although are used in most home set-ups, are hazardous and cause sunburns. Engineers pioneering the development of better tanning bed bulbs have incorporated a special red therapy light that has zero UV.

All that matters is the type of light you need and there are a variety of options to choose from. Also, the level of tan you are looking after will be determined by the choice of color you want in a tanning bed bulb.

2. Compatibility with tanning bed

Before thinking of getting a tanning bed bulb, ensure it’s compatible with your tanning bed. Different tanning beds exist and each comes with specific intentions. Replacement tanning bed lights should maintain a high level of tan and improve overall skin tone.

Times, you will lack an ideal replacement bulb for your tanning bed. In such scenarios, users are advised to acquire bulbs that complement well with the make of the tanning bed. Most tanning bed lamps are universal and thus can be used on different beds.

If you are replacing these bulbs for the first time, inquire from experts on how to get a suitable replacement. Spas and salons are notable places where you can get insights from experts on how to find a great replacement bulb for your tanning bed.

A good replacement bulb should be easy to set up and fall at a reasonable pricing range. Not to forget, the bed bulbs should complement well with the tanning bed.

Buying Considerations for Best Tanning Bed Bulbs

3. Product price

When buying a tanning bed bulb, the price of a suitable brand is an important consideration to take into account. Some brands are more expensive than others and that’s why it’s nice to affiliate yourself with an affordable tanning bulb.

Scan for products with sound prices by visiting different tanning bed bulb shop outlets.

4. Lamp lasting duration

Like all electrical appliances, tanning lamps don’t last forever and require to be replaced after some use. Quality is an important feature users of tanning beds shouldn’t ignore when seeking a long-lasting tanning bed lamp.

Most lamps last for 1000 hours while some surpass this range and last for 1200 hours. These bulbs provide quality tanning effects and are found in luxurious spas and salons.

When buying online, check for the quality and durability features to get one that satisfies you conveniently.

5. Duration of tanning

Tanning bed bulbs have different time sessions for improving body skin. Some are fast than others and that’s why it’s important to not overlook this feature when acquiring a suitable one.

The tanning session timeline is determined by the bulb manufacturer’s specifications and level of FR emissions. Since these bulbs come in different forms, each has its level of tanning. Some are mild, tan, bronze, and others rich.

These different tanning levels affect the overall complexion of skin tone. Most tanning sessions last for about 20 minutes. Others can last up to 40 minutes.

When seeking a suitable one, look at these features to avoid getting the wrong tanning bed light bulbs. Most importantly, don’t get a tanning bed lamp that doesn’t provide the results you desire.

All these buying insights help salon, spas business owners, and home-based users acquire tanning bulbs suitable for their beds. All above insights help users get the right choice and thus avoid the cost of replacing a wrong acquired bulb.

FAQs about the Best Tanning Bulbs

Best Tanning Bed Bulbs Review

In this review section, we are going to detail notable and most online asked questions and answers about the best tanning bed bulbs. These questions and answers help users understand better insights about tanning bed bulbs.

Here are frequently asked questions about tanning bed bulbs…….

Q1: What is the content of mercury in tanning bed lamps?

ANS: Tanning bed bulbs have higher mercury content compared to regular fluorescent bulbs. Mercury is needed to vaporize and create useful tanning light.

Most medical experts recommend users of these gadgets always take precautions when handling tanning bed bulbs.

Q2: How long should someone stay in a tanning bed?

ANS: According to the manufacturer, you should stay less than 20 minutes. Staying longer can affect your skin tone.

Q3: What is the ideal range of UVA and UVB for skin tanning beds?

ANS: When making tanning beds, the manufacturers utilize the same ratio as the one used by natural light. UVA to UB ratio falls at 95% and 5% simultaneously.

With today’s ever-changing technological advancements, manufacturers have started increasing the UVB ratio to 7%. Inquire about the UVA to UVB ratio in a suitable tanning bed to maintain your skin tone normal.

Q4: How can I make faster tans?

ANS: If you want to make faster tans with your tanning bed, you can utilize several methods. One way is increasing the number of bed lamps is by opting to install high-quality tanning lamps, or using a tanning lotion.

As a precaution, beware that too many tans can affect the overall skin tone and lead to redness.

Q5: How often should I change the tanning bed bulb?

ANS: A quite confusing question that most of us don’t know the answer. Unlike regular fluorescent bulbs that can be viewed via open eyes, tanning bed bulbs utilize UVA and UVB lights.

When the UVA and UVB bulb power decreases to 70%, it’s high time to replace one. Use a UV meter to get correct readings on the range of UVA and UVB light.

Q6: Is it wise to replace tanning bulbs one at a time?

ANS: Your budget plays a vital role when it comes to replacing a single bulb or all of them at once. Experts of these machines recommend users to replace bulbs once they lose their life. When tanning bulbs reach 70% capacity it’s wise to replace them.

Making single replacements is wise but affects the overall tanning effect since bulbs have varying light emission ability. Replacing these bulbs one by one may lead to uneven skin effects.

As such, it’s wise to get prepared before they become obsolete and have a budget set to replace them altogether.

Q7: How can I clean a new tanning bed bulb?

ANS: Dust is a common menace that affects tanning bed bulbs and reduces the quality of light emitted. To safely clean tanning bed bulbs, follow this procedure:

  • Disconnect power source
  • Uninstall the light bulb
  • Use a soft cloth material and embark to clean tanning bed bulbs

If the inner walls of the bulbs are affected, consider replacing them. Dust infestation to the inner walls leads to a decrease in the performance of bulbs.

Q8: What are some common remedies for maintaining tanning bed bulbs?

ANS: Proper maintenance of tanning bed bulbs is critical for long durability and maintenance of quality. For the UV rays to reach your skin effectively, consider these important maintenance remedies.

  • Utilize the right cleaning accessories and wipe dust gently to avoid scratching the bulb. Scratches limit the ability of UV light to reach the skin effectively.
  • When cleaning, use a soft cloth material to remove any accumulated dirt or debris.
  • Thoroughly clean the tanning bulb reflectors more so when replacing obsolete bulbs.

Q9: What are some notable safety precautions to consider while using these machines?

ANS: Since human health is at stake, safety is core before subjecting a person to tanning bed bulbs. Let’s look at some safety measures concerning the use of tanning bed bulbs.

  • Recognizing your skin tone is crucial to choosing the suitable UV ray emission to subject in a single session.
  • People under the age of 17 years shouldn’t be subjected to tanning.
  • Before being subjected to tanning beds, first, clean your skin to remove all dead layers of skin.
  • Don’t subject your skin to extreme UV light by tanning your skin less often.
  • Scan your skin and ensure there are no cuts and wounds. Doing so eliminates the risk of getting infections.
  • When tanning, ensure you wear protective eyewear. Always protect your eyes from harmful UV light.
  • In case your skin irritates after tanning, visit a dermatologist for advice and treatment.

Types of the Best Tanning Bed Bulbs & Lights

Best Tanning Bed Bulbs Review

Different types of tanning lights exist and it’s up to the purchaser to pick the best type. These bulbs function differently and that’s why it’s important to scrutinize the different types of tanning lights. Let’s look at them.

Bronzing bulbs

Most tanning beds use UVA and UVB rays to deepen skin tone. Bronzing tanning bed lights release light differently.

Beware: UVA light harnesses the production of melanin by penetrating deeper into the skin. UVB light is suitable for promoting red skin color and usually affects the top skin layer.

Features of bronze bulbs

  • Utilizes 98% of UVA light rays
  • Utilizes 2% of UVB light
  • Helps to deepen the base tan
  • Helps to promote melanin production
  • Ideal for pro tanners

Features of regular bulbs

  • Utilizes 95% of UVA light
  • Utilizes 5% of UVB light
  • Can burn the skin
  • Harnesses overall build of a convenient base tan
  • Suitable for light-skinned people

Face and Body Tanning Bulbs

When using tanning bed bulbs, it’s crucial to notice that not all body parts can be subjected to the same range of light. The face and hands are exposed to light compared to other parts of the body.

Wearing clothes prevents some body parts from accessing sunlight. As such, these parts require much light to maintain overall skin tone. In the market, you will find that some tanning bulbs are suitable for open body parts.

Covered body parts require special tanning bulbs to harness an even tan. They work by utilizing strong UV light rays. As such, it’s wise to affiliate with the right tanning bulbs.

Consider the type of tanning bed you are using when installing bulbs. What matters is the body area you want to tan, investigate the suitable bulbs. Importantly, ensure that they complement the type of bed you are utilizing.

All the above-mentioned types of tanning bulbs work differently and that’s why it’s important to choose the most suitable one. If you want to tan your facial and arms tanning bulbs are great for nourishing the skin. For covered body parts, bronze or regular tanning bulbs are ideal.


For amateurs, tanning bed lights are great for improving skin tone. Before embarking on to visit a spa and being subjected to these machines, it’s crucial to ensure your skin complexion is suited for tanning.

The emission of UV light can be hazardous and that’s why you should take precautions before visiting these places. However, the best tanning bed bulbs are diverse and that’s why it’s vital to acquire one that complements your tanning bed.

Some bulbs are universal while others aren’t and that’s why you need to scan in detail the manufacturer specifications when getting a suitable UV light bulb. All above-mentioned tanning bed bulbs work effectively on the skin.

Although they differ in specifications and pricing, they all work best. Importantly, never expose your skin to UV light emitted by these machines for longer than the recommended range.

With the right insights about tanning bed bulbs, you achieve the best tan results and also get service worth the money spent acquiring these accessories. We hope you are enlightened about tanning bed lamps and you can make a better decision on the best fit for you.

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