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Top 10 Best Solar Deck Lights Review 2024 with Buying Guides

Anyone looking to light up their pathway, deck without paying huge electric bills? Perhaps the best solar deck lights are the best solution.

Such deck lights are useful in many ways; most importantly, they are a savior in the dark, helping to avoid stumbling or hitting hidden objects.

With the solar deck lights, an entire outdoor area can glow with shining lights, and one can easily stroll at night without any risk or fear from intrusion.

Safety is of utmost importance in today’s life and having bright lights go a long way in ensuring it.

Best Solar Deck Lights Comparison Table

Different Types of Deck Lights

For outdoor lights, there is a broad range of solar lights available to be used.

Particularly, the solar deck lights accompany numerous advantages; for instance, they are friendly to the environment, economical, and won’t consume a lot of electricity.

Also, many wires aren’t necessary to install; thus, their installation is easy and available in different designs and styles. A few of them include: 

Driveway or border solar lights: These solar lights are useful for lighting up the pathways in carports and gardens.

They are not only stylish but cost-saving too. The solar powered deck lights can replace conventional electric lights easily.

Decorative lights: Decorative solar deck lights, including decorative lamps, colorful glass, and string lights, aren’t similar to solar path lights as far as brightness is concerned.

However, it can offer a warm glow when used in several numbers with spotlights and path lights.

Solar-powered spotlights: These powerful solar lights are the brightest ones accessible and are known as spotlights or task lights.

They are as powerful as the incandescent bulb with a power of 40 watts.

However, such power may not be as bright as an outdoor spotlight, so you might need to double or significantly increase up in regions where one needs direct and bright light.

Solar Globes: These extravagant orbicular lights can be utilized anyplace in the garden, and one will have a completely new look to it.

Such lights can be even floated in a pool, making an awesome vibe.

A few models are available in white; others have different modes other than white, for instance, color-changing modes.

Half-globe lamps are also available, which are generally utilized for enlightening pathways. Such lamps’ price is based on the brand, model, and other features.

Outdoor solar lamps: For those who are considering a lamp for outdoor exercises, these solar lamps are just perfect.

Installing these lamps won’t require wiring to be run all through the garden or lawn.

String solar lights: Such units are like the conventional string lights; however, they run with solar power. One doesn’t require connecting the lights with the electrical system at home.

However, they come with a wire to draw the solar board’s power. A user needs to put this board into an area where there is sufficient sunlight for the entire day.

Safety Solar Lights: A few kinds of security and safety lights run through solar energy.

However, these solar lights are decorative and ideal during emergency will and are just the perfect unit at night when there is a power failure.

The other smart idea is to utilize solar power for lights that turns on automatically (motion-detector) when the sensor detects any movement.

Top 10 Best Solar Deck Lights Reviews 2024

Having solar deck lights light up in necessary areas will take care of the security part and add a touch of class to any property.

With numerous solar deck lights available in the market, it’s hard to pick any of them. So, let’s check what features they bring to the table:

01. GIGALUMI Solar Powered Deck Lights

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Everyone wants to illuminate the specific areas of their property, such as decks, driveways, gardens, etc. because when bright lights are installed in these places, it creates a terrific ambiance.

Therefore, to make this happen, one must go for the solar deck lights from the Gigalumi brand as it offers a shining glow to the property and adds a touch of class to it.

Most people look for the decoration part apart from security while buying solar lights. Regarding that, these solar lights won’t disappoint a user at all.

Whenever these lights are installed in a place, such as the garden, it will light up the place with its enriched glow. Thus these lights are worth considering.

As already mentioned, safety is a principal concern while buying solar lights. However, since these lights are available in a set of 12, one doesn’t need to bother about sufficient lighting.

These lights can provide enough light for a user to walk through the stairs, garden, etc., without worrying about stumbling or being attacked by an intruder hiding in the dark.

Eco-friendliness is the crucial advantage that solar lights carry. The sunlight powers solar deck lights, and hence they won’t need any additional electrical accessories to run.

Besides, they can save a user a lot on their electricity bills. Installing any standard electrical lighting system would involve using many wires, cables, etc.;

However, with these solar lights, one doesn’t have to worry about the wires. One can simply let it expose to direct sunlight, and it’s good to go.

Thus, one can also walls freely in the garden without worrying about stomping into the wire/getting electric shock, etc. Thus, these lights are super convenient.


  • It has a switch on and off function (automatic)
  • Can withstand the harsh climatic condition
  • Saves a lot on electricity bills
  • Installation is easy


  • Takes too long for a full charge

02. SUNFACE Easy installation Solar Deck Lights

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Mount Fence LED lights are the ideal product to illuminate every hidden corner of a property.

The SUNFACE solar light offers an enhanced glow to the outdoors and is preferred by most users looking to install hassle-free lighting.

One significant advantage with these lights is they won’t consume a lot of power and hence saving a lot of money on electricity bills becomes easy.

Thus, such lights are relatively economical and budget-friendly. Moreover, the deck lights can offer an enriched glow to the deck, stairs, gardens, carport, fence etc., with its lighting modes.

With the adjustable modes, one can get the ideal light effect they want for the specific outdoor areas.

Such a unit is made of high-quality ABS plastic; thus, there is no question about durability. Irrespective of the time of usage, these lights offer a longer service life.

One doesn’t need to remember when to switch the lights on and off. Because of the automatic turn-on option, the lights turn on automatically once the night falls and remains in this way till the power runs out.

Such solar lights come with easy installation features. Thus, one doesn’t need to bother about using wires and plugs, etc to connect it. All it is needed is just enough sunlight to run it.

The unit comes with 6 sets and all other accessories included; thus, there will be no shortage of bright lights and glow on every part of the outside area.

Most people want solar lights that match their profile. In such cases, these mount lights are just the perfect option.

No matter where they are used, such as stairs, decks, gardens, these lights offer a classy and brightened look to the area.


  • Installation is easy
  • Automatically switches on and off
  • ABS plastic-made material
  • Different lighting modes


  • Takes a long time to charge (full)

03. JSOT Cool White Solar Deck Lights

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With these high-quality solar deck lights, one can get the enhanced look which they desire. Not only cost-effective but also these solar lights are also very useful in regards to security at night outdoors.

As these lights are meant to be installed outside, they come with much-needed weather-resistant properties. One such key factor is its waterproofing ability.

Thus, whenever it rains, the user doesn’t have to worry about solar deck lights getting damaged in the rain. These solar deck lights are good enough to handle such circumstances.

However, one shouldn’t immerse in in water intentionally to verify this feature.

Such a unit is popular for its long-lasting feature. Since these solar lights are durable and made of high-quality stainless steel material, a user is guaranteed a longer service life irrespective of the length of time they are used.

Like most other branded solar lights, these lights are also easy to install, and they won’t require too many wires and cables for installation.

One can use either a couple of screws (already in the kit) or any double-sided adhesive tape (not in the kit) to post these lights.

Since these solar lights are available in eight as a package, they offer lights with extreme brightness.

Besides, they come with a solar panel with advanced technology that works up to 9 hours at night when at full charge. Thus, these are highly efficient lights.

It’s recommended to expose the solar panel to direct sunlight for at least six to eight hours. These solar deck lights, besides being decorative, also can save an individual a lot on their electricity bills.

Such a unit has three LED deck lights which guarantee an individual utmost safety, especially when they are outdoor at night for any reason.

Also, since they run on solar energy, these lights are friendly to the environment, which is great for nature.


  • Installation is easy
  • Automatic switch on and off feature
  • Saves a lot on electricity bills
  • Eco-friendly
  • Waterproof
  • Highly efficient


  • Doesn’t have a great lifespan (according to a few users)

04. Amei 6 LED Waterproof Solar Deck Lights

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As far as cool, pleasant deck lights are concerned, these solar deck lights from the Amei brand are hardly beatable.

These LED solar-powered deck lights are hassle-free to install and offer the much-needed security a user would need when night falls, especially if they have to go outside.

No one wants to dig a hole in their pocket by paying lump sum electricity bills.

Having these solar lights installed in the deck, garden, etc., will not only offer safety and incredible looks to the property but will massively save their electricity bills too.

Since these units run on solar energy, they don’t consume a lot of power.

Another significant feature of these lights is that they can endure adverse climatic conditions, for instance, rainfall. Thus, their waterproofing abilities make them the perfect option to be installed outdoors.

However, that doesn’t mean one has to immerse them in water for checking this feature. Furthermore, this deck light is easy to install as they won’t need any wires and cables to set these lights outdoors.

Since they run on solar energy, one can simply mount them with screws in any place they want where there is sufficient daylight, and they will work fine.

These lights run through a battery that can be charged by placing at certain angles to get maximum sunlight.

One other special attribute of this unit is that it turns itself on automatically during the night and switches off during dawn.

Thus, if the user goes out for a walk at their garden, deck, etc., during this time, they will be thrilled to see an entirely brightened area inside their property.

Such a unit is perfect as a decorative item since it can match a user profile and be set up accordingly.


  • Automatic turn on and off feature
  • Installation is easy
  • Waterproof
  • Great decorative item


  • Vulnerable to rust

05.Garden Sunlight Solar Powered Copper Outdoor Garden light

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As far as finishing, securities, appealing features, etc., are concerned, the Garden Sunlight post lights are, without a doubt, one of the very best.

Besides offering an aesthetic look, these deck lights are great in saving power bills and providing optimum lights outdoor.

Solar lights help save a lot of electricity, and this one is no exception. Since the lights run on solar power, they only need sufficient sunlight to operate.

Thus, people who brought these solar lights will have no electricity bills to worry about.

While installing any regular electric lights, usually many wires, switches, etc., are needed. However, there is nothing to be worried about since these are solar power-driven lights.

Thus, no cables, wires, switches are needed to install them. All that is needed is to post this light in areas where there is sufficient sunlight for it to run.

No need for additional hardware or any other accessory to install them. Moreover, the lights can be mounted outside with a few screws only.

These lights are highly durable since they are made using premium quality anti-heat plastic. Therefore, a user can be guaranteed a reasonable service life in regards to these lights.

Such a unit comes with rechargeable batteries, which means there is no worry of replacing batteries due to wear and tear.

One other essential quality of this unit is that it can withstand severe weather, as it is designed for it.

Thus, one can install them for decoration outdoors without the fear of them getting damaged in situations like rainfall, snow, etc.

As one might have already looked at the images, these lights are a class apart when posted at the garden, deck, stairs, fences, etc. Such a unit is an excellent decorative item.


  • Easy to install
  • Saves electricity bills
  • Durable
  • Weather-resistant


  • Lighting quality not great

06. Siedinlar IP68 Waterproof and Elegant Design Solar Deck Lights

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In regards to high-class driveway lights, the Siedinlar brand stands out amongst all. Such a light illuminates a driveway, pathway, garage, etc., and offers an entirely new dimensional look.

Additionally, these solar-powered lights are one of the best solar deck lights due to their elegant design. They are built of aluminum alloy (premium).

Thus, there is no question as far as durability is concerned.

These lights can offer extended life. A user doesn’t need to have any headache as far as installation is concerned.

Since these lights use solar power to run hence, there isn’t any need for electrical wiring. All that is needed is to post them outside exposed to the sunlight, and they are ready to glow.

Therefore, these lights can be easily mounted with screws; therefore, there is no need for additional mounting hardware.

As already mentioned, since these lights don’t require electricity to run, they can save a user a lot on electricity bills. Therefore, one can make a lot of savings besides getting decoration for their property.

One special feature this unit has is it can handle up to twenty tons of pressure. Hence, do not bother, even if something massive, for instance, a car, etc., runs over it.

Such lights have waterproofing abilities which means they are good to go during rainy seasons.

Solar lights are designed to be posted outdoors and thus are supposed to withstand any adverse climatic condition. The Siedinlar brand is no such exception.

Using these lights is relatively easy. Whenever used for the first time, one should keep these lights under direct sunlight for at least six to eight hours.

If it’s fully charged, then the light will keep switched on automatically for 12 to 15 hours, at least during nighttime.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Saves electricity bills waterproof
  • Pressure-resistant
  • Eco-friendly
  • Premium aluminum alloy material-made


  • LED’s cam have issues after running for a few months

07. iThird Energy Saving LED Solar Powered Deck Lights

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Another high-quality solar light is this one from iThird. Such branded solar lights are highly popular because of their brightness, longevity and safety features.

Solar powered lights turn on automatically at night and switch off the same way during the daytime. Hence, they offer safety during the nighttime, especially for those who can go for a stroll in their garden during that time.

Every light consists of three LED chips and can run for 30000 hours. Thus, they have a long service life.

These solar deck lights come with advanced technology, which is the polycrystalline solar panel (upgraded). Such a panel could get fully charged in about four to six under direct sunlight.

Besides, deck lights also have a 700mAH powerful battery (rechargeable), ensuring that the light stays illuminated for 8 to 12 hours.

Thus deck lights are made of high-quality ABS plastic, which guarantees durability.

Waterproofing capacity is also present in these lights. Moreover, the lights can work well even in adverse situations such as heavy rainfall.

As far as decoration is concerned, such lights are ideal for any users’ profile. They are a classy item for gardens, fences, decks, pathways, etc.

Since these lights don’t run on electricity, there are easy to install. All one needs is a few screws or adhesive to post them outdoors.


  • Easy to install
  • High-quality material
  • Waterproof
  • Longer service life
  • Powerful batteries
  • Saves on electricity bills


  • Lights aren’t too bright

08. JACKYLED Larger Battery Capacity Solar Step Lights

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In regards to powerful LED solar lights, the JACKYLED-branded lights are right up there. These lights offer a great visual look, safety, and longevity, which a branded solar light should have.

With these solar lights, one can get an auto switch on and off feature. Whenever there is night, these lights automatically switch itself on and stay like that till there is dawn.

There are three LEDs (premium quality) in this unit that can keep a driveway, pathway, garden fully illuminated for the whole night.

Solar deck lights have a powerful solar panel that will be fully charged when exposed to direct sunlight for 6 to 8 hours. At full charge, these lights can keep on glowing for about 10 hours.

Solar lights are made to withstand any weather conditions since they are supposed to be planted outside. The JACKYLED solar lights are no exception to the rule.

However, the lights are good enough to run on any weather, and they keep a property glowing with beauty.

Additionally, the lights run on solar energy; therefore, they won’t need electrical power. Thus, a user can save a lot on their electricity bills by using these lights.

Because these lights won’t need electricity, therefore, installing them is pretty easy. All that is needed is a few screws or any adhesive, and they can be mounted outside.

Thus, there is no danger of stumbling on the wires at night lying on the grass or getting an electric shock.


  • Installation is maintenance is easy
  • Turns on and off (auto mode)
  • Weatherproof
  • Saves electricity bills


  • Quality not good when used in extreme weather

09. JSOT Energy Saving Solar Powered Deck Lights

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JSOT brand is famous for producing top-notch solar lights, and here it comes with a pack of 12 LED white lights that will simply light up the deck, stairs, garden, etc. The solar lights offer safety and are fashionable too.

Hassle-free installation is a vital aspect that makes these lights a preferred option amongst several users. Since these lights don’t run in electricity, they don’t need electric wires and other hardware to install.

Usually, a few screws or adhesives are good enough to do the job. Just fox the screws with the post outside and mount them; that’s it!

Such lights are intended to withstand all adverse weather conditions like snow, rain, wind, ice, etc. No matter the conditions, these lights keep going for quite a long time.

What makes this light quite a preferred one is its automatic turn-on and off feature. Moreover, the lights turn themselves on automatically during the night and stay on till that time till dawn.

It has powerful rechargeable batteries which can be fully charged when kept under the sun for about 6 to 8 hours. The solar lights, when fully charged, can keep going for 9 hours.


  • Automatic switch on and off
  • Ease to install
  • Weatherproof
  • Long-lasting


  • Lights aren’t that bright

10. Happybuy High Quality Driveway Solar Deck Lights

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The HappyBuy solar lights are another example of energy-efficient solar lights that will provide safety besides creating a great ambiance for any property.

However, these solar lights can also operate for over 80 hours with a full charge.

Therefore, solar deck lights have 5MM powerful LED lights (6 pcs), which guarantees maximum brightness.

Aluminum shell-made material can withstand heavy pressure (up to 45 tons).


  • Ease to use/install
  • Longer working hours
  • Powerful LED lights
  • Can withstand pressure
  • Saves on electricity bills


  • May have waterproofing issues

User Buying Considerations for the Best Solar Deck Lights

Whenever a user decides to buy the best solar powered deck lights, they are investing in a lifetime.

Besides being great for the surroundings of a property, these lights are ideal for the environment too.

Solar deck lights are ideal because they don’t emit a lot of harmful gas and carry no environmental and health risks. Furthermore, they are reasonable too.

All that’s needed here is to replace the batteries and to do other maintenances at regular intervals. Therefore, with these lights, the risk of paying those huge electric bills is also eliminated.

Thus, solar lights are quite convenient. However, a few factors should be considered before buying and installing them. Here are those:

Why would one need solar lights?

Do you want solar lights because you’ve seen them in your neighbor’s house? Are you looking for something to decorate your home or want the darkness around your house removed?

Besides, are you simply looking for lights in your wall, pathways, fences, carports, pool regions, carports, etc.?

After one has sorted out why they need these lights, going through the review and picking the ideal product will be a lot easier.

Furthermore, for the different parts of a house, there are different suitable lights. Remember that solar deck lights are ideal for the outdoors.

Thus, solar deck lights are perfectly suitable for areas like lawns, gardens, etc.

Moreover, there is no better alternative to these lights for security purposes since they light up the entire area.

Therefore, a person can walk through their property safely at night without the risk of getting hit by some hidden object in the dark or being attacked by an intruder.

Climatic conditions

Those who live in areas where there is more rainfall, ice, snow, etc., must think about these weather conditions before buying the solar deck lights.

Therefore, it may be a disaster to bring the best solar lights in the worst climatic conditions.

Indeed, some of these lights have water or weatherproofing properties. However, if there isn’t sufficient daylight, these lights might not offer the best glow or illumination.

A few lights have a dim mode or utilize light that is just about sufficient during the night. However, think about the impact of the climate before buying these solar deck lights.

The expense

Budget is a significant factor to consider, not only while buying sola deck lights but for any product. Always keep an eye on your pocket! Do the solar lights, and their properties reviewed fits into the budget?

Usually, the price varies from cheap to costly. Therefore, it comes down to how much one can spend after studying the product and deciding to buy it.

Also, planning is crucial. If someone is living in an area where the weather is usually sunny, something like a cheap solar light will be perfect.

On the other hand, people living in foggy areas with dim sunlight will have to spend more on buying solar light.


People might want a solar light suitable to their taste. Like this, a few might look for a very bright solar light, how far the lights can go, and other different features, such as the automatic switch on/off, etc.

Likewise, something reliable or tough is significant, especially if one wants to install the lights in the garage, driveway, etc. The pathway, gardens, and decks will need the brightness of different levels.

Thus, based on where a user wants to position the lights, they must check their capacity and charging times.

Placement of the lights

Should the lights be placed outside or inside? One must know they can modify the solar lights to place them inside. Solar light panels are placed outdoors while the lights are positioned inside in stairs and roofs.

However, for this, one must have enormous space and furthermore get appropriate solar lights since they will not function too inside.

One must have numerous solar lights ideal for pathways, decks, pathways, fences, and posts for using externally.

It’s best to post those lights where they’re mostly required, get maximum sunlight and offer an extraordinary look to a house.

Services (After sales)

Brands frequently do a lot to assist purchasers with the proper installation of their items. Thus, servicing customers is a crucial aspect to consider.

Likewise, such brands ought to be dependable and trustworthy with current data about their product’s functionality—for instance, the replaceable parts.

Different things that can be considered include working hours, charging time, and installation ease. There is no use to buy a deck light that doesn’t run for 5 hours, at least at a stretch.

Furthermore, whether they can withstand severe weather conditions like snowstorms, rain, etc., is also essential to consider.


To store power, numerous solar lights utilize lithium-ion batteries. However, they keep going for a few years only, and one might have to buy new lights.

Hence, always consider the brand, items, and things that impact the longevity of the lights.

Crucial FAQs for the Best Deck Lights

Having questions is very important, particularly when one doesn’t have a clear idea about a few things, the purpose behind them, and how it usually works.

The following are a few critical questions and their answers about solar deck lights.

Q. Does solar deck lights have water or weatherproofing capacity?

Ans: Indeed, they have. Most of the lights possess such features and must be because they’re built for installing outdoors to a great extent.

In accordance with that, it doesn’t bode well to leave them completely exposed to a severe climate like snowfall or rain.

Thus, always ensure to buy waterproof solar deck lights. How one uses them is also another factor to ponder on.

The solar deck lights can have battery issues if left completely exposed to harsh weather conditions, and there will be wear and tear to the materials.

Thus, the solar light is ruined; there is dimness in the house all over. Always comply with the regulations to properly enjoy the maximum benefits of the deck lights.

Q. Which solar deck light brands are most preferred?

Ans: Deck lights constitute an immense segment in the market of solar-powered lights. However, as with most products, some are just better compared to other brands.

Consider the top-notch, toughness, and dependability of certain products, and some brands will stand better than others.

While going through the reviews, one can find that a few have additional features than other lights. However, all of them are well-known brands and are unique and useful in their ways.

It is totally dependent upon an individual as to what they find suitable.

Besides, a few people want to have solar lights that match their profile. Each product has its features, advantages, disadvantages, etc.

Hence, again, it is about a user’s decision as to which brand they prefer.

Q. During snowfall, do solar deck lights work?

Ans: Yes, to be very precise. Obviously, most of them have weatherproofing features, which means they can withstand different climate conditions from mild to extremely harsh.

Therefore, solar lights are designed to function well in several such situations.

Besides, while buying, one must know about these lights’ capability, the material’s durability, and so forth.

As most of these lights will be installed on the pathways, decks, fences, and posts, they should be strong enough to adjust with every type of climate, snowfall included.

Q. How solar lights should be installed?

Ans: It’s ok to plan a budget and buy solar lights. Once they are brought, properly installing them is the next important thing, because a user would want them to for a long time.

Thus, several brands have come up with an easy installation process.

One must go through the installation process in the owner’s manual thoroughly to install the lights. One has to follow the steps, and they’re all set!

Installing the solar lights can be completed within seconds as most of the lights can be fixed against screws using objects.

Q. Where can I buy solar deck lights?

Ans: Good solar deck lights are available in numerous places. Value is significant; a few areas that can be looked at include several home warehouses, supply stores, etc.

Besides, several brands also offer attractive discounts which one can avail.

Also, these best solar deck lights are available online, on sites like Amazon, where users can buy the best products.

For example, after going through the reviews above, one can know about the quality of the products, people’s opinion about them, and their costs.

Q. How to maintain the solar deck lights?

Ans: There are no specific guidelines as far as maintenance of solar lights is concerned. However, several brands provide tips on how to maintain them appropriately.

One must always follow these tips to maintain these lights and to ensure they aren’t damaged.

For example, most products are waterproof. However, it is not necessary to immerse the lights in water verify it!

Q. Why to go for outside solar lighting?

Ans: Several advantages come with solar lighting. First, installing them is easy because solar deck lights do not need any additional wires or external power sources.

Also, they guarantee that one won’t have massive electricity bills to pay.

Besides, with lesser wires to work with, moving on the grounds becomes increasingly safer. Likewise, they’re incredible around carports and pools.

Thirdly, they not only add security to a house but also make it look great.

Q. What is the longevity of solar deck light?

Ans: Going thoroughly to the product review and specifications will give the user a clear idea about its longevity.

Further, some of these lights accompany batteries (rechargeable), and one can get new ones if the existing one is worn out.

Also, a few solar lights can run over 100,000 without replacement. In general, those with replaceable batteries could go on for two years with reasonable care and maintenance.

How to Install Best Solar Deck Lights on Stairs

One doesn’t need to possess electrical skills to install deck lights. Basically, it’s about plugging the system into an outlet. Remember, there are ready-made deck lights available in the market too.

However, one can install and decorate them on their own as installing these lights is relatively easy. Let’s check it out:

The 1st step: Creating a plan

Adding lights that will nicely glow over the sitting areas, stairs, or strolling areas is key. Low-voltage systems are the best for this job since they are easy to work with and safe too.

The transformer isn’t the same as the household voltage (standard ones). It generates power and connects to a repository/receptacle.

Low-voltage fixtures can be used in several ways; each of them is designed for specific uses. To determine the fixture to be used where chalk out a rough sketch of a deck.

After that, pick the critical areas in the sketch, such as the stairs, congregating areas, sitting areas, a few other nice features, for example, plantings, railings, etc.

Additionally, take note of the area close by repositories that can be utilized to connect a transformer.

Take this lighting plan for the deck to a showroom (lighting) to choose particular fixtures for lighting each component.

Request a salesperson to help. Highlight the chosen fixtures on the plan. Remember that a single fixture can also be good enough to take on several tasks sometimes.

After this, on the drawing plan, place the transformer close to an existing repository/receptacle. If there isn’t any receptacle nearby, one must be installed.

The most convenient setup is to install a receptacle controlled by a switch inside. Drawing lines is necessary to connect the transformers and the fixtures.

Don’t use a lot of wires to connect different fixtures to a single circuit wire. The next step involves adding up the total wattage for each fixture.

Pick any size of transformer that offers 25% over capacity at least. Likewise, choose the features you want the transformer to have.

The 2nd step: Connecting with a power outlet:

Using connectors and cables, the low-voltage ones:

For outside low-voltage wiring, the waterproof wire connectors are the best. Take the insulation (about 3/4th inches) off from each wire end.

Then, hold all the wire-ends together and contort on a connector. The waterproof connectors are available at electrical stores, irrigation supply houses, home centers, etc.

At first, run all the wires. All the circuit will need a cable comprised of a couple of wires. Do a calculation of the complete length of cable required and get it as a single piece.

Try and ensure that the wires are transferred /routed extremely far away. Safety is something which you don’t need to worry about here. Take the wires and run them under the deck.

If there is a visible cable, fix it with a stapler in a corner or someplace where it can’t be seen. Utilize staples (insulated) to secure the cables to wooden members at regular intervals of two feet.

Ensure to bury all the waterproof wire connectors and low voltage wire six inches deep below the ground.

The 3rd stage: Stair lighting installation

Stair lights are relatively simple; however, they generate sufficient light to ensure that the stairs can safely be used at night. One must connect these lights through the back.

Get a hole drilled through the planter wall at the back of the fixture and let the wires go through.

Now the wires should be connected in the waterproof wire connectors and pushed back to the hole again.

Attach the backplate onto the sides and complete installing the cover then.

The 4th stage: Post light mounting

To install these lights, firstly take a round saw and slice them half in length. After this, create a hole for the wire and then rejoin the parts gain using urethane glue.

Let the circuit wires pass inside the post before interfacing with the fixture.

Now, using the wire connectors, the circuit wires need to be connected to the fixture wires. Then, the wires should be pushed back to the post. Tighten the post light with screws to the posts’ top.

Always make sure that the wires and other cables aren’t visible. As already mentioned, no way safety should be compromised.

Therefore, dig a hole or find a hidden place to hide those wires.

Ideally, if you create a hole, make sure to bury the wires deep in it with 6-inches of dirt. After all the fixtures are installed and connected, connect the auxiliary wire to the transformer, connect the transformer to the power source and switch on the circuit.

If the transformer is timer-activated, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and set the timer accordingly. Thus, you can enjoy your stairs, deck in an entirely new way with shinning light once night falls.


Solar deck lights add a unique vibe to a property, besides providing adequate safety to family members, especially at vulnerable times during the night.

Thus, having these lights installed at home can be extremely helpful in numerous ways.

However, just buying one isn’t simply good enough; one has to go through the review and check the specifications in detail to buy the perfect solar light so that they can make the most of them.

Apart from the features, one must also consider a few factors like the weather, cost, etc., which is crucial to determine what product to bring home.

No matter what, the best solar deck lights are an integral part of our life today, both in terms of style and utility.

Thus, if anyone has a plan to illuminate their deck, garden, carport, etc., there isn’t that much better option. Bring home these solar lights today and enjoy your illuminated house in a whole new perspective.