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10 Best Nightlight for Nursing 2024 – Top-Rated Nursery Products

Unable to choose a perfect gift for a would-be mother, this article contains a list of the best nightlight for nursing.

Apart from solving the issue of sleep deprivation at night, it also enhances the welcoming environment of the nursery.

A growing baby learns to differentiate between colors and identifies day and night. 

Both babies and nursing mothers require ample sleep to cope with the growing needs of the body.

However, a nightlight does not disturb their sleep but also helps in nursing and changing in the middle of the night.

It emits enough brightness to avoid tripping in the dark and does not let the baby feel scared or isolated.

Best Nightlight for Nursing Comparison Table

Top 10 Best Nightlights for Nursing Review 2024

Below is a list of the best nursery night light, along with their respective specifications. We have also included a section of pros and cons against each product to give you a detailed idea.

Following this, there is a section of factors with buying considerations that will help identify the suitable one for you.

Further, before concluding, a list of frequently asked questions is available along with their answers. Without much delay, let us check out what we have in store for your needs.

01. Hatch Baby Multi-functional Soothing Night Light

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Parenting a newborn is not an easy task. Constant attention and multiple times of feeding is quite tiresome for mothers, especially.

Although the day goes by, both the parents require a handsome amount of sleep to rejuvenate at night.

But parental duty comes first. Although most parents prefer switching on lights during every nighttime feed, there is an alternative as well.

A nightlight will help you remain calm at night without disturbing the body’s circadian system. The baby, too, starts differentiating between low and bright light.

One such efficient nighttime lamp is from Hatch Baby Store. 

Since it does not need any complicated installation or operation, it is perfect for the time when you are practically half-asleep.

A simple placement in the nursery and basic adjustments are all that you require.

Its soothing light does not disturb the baby’s sleep but also prevents total darkness. The bottom is flat and easily sits on a table-top or side table. 

Its ability to customize through a mobile application makes it user-friendly. By just setting the application as per your requirements like brightness, alarm, etc., you can spend some me-time.

Even if you are in another room, you can modify the settings accordingly. Being a multifunctional device, it serves the need of children belonging to different age groups. 

As there is no disturbance of switching the light on and off frequently, this nightlamp enhances the sleeping quality.

For both parents and baby, soothing and soft light in the room cools down the body after a hectic day.

Further, its overall looks match almost all contemporary nurseries. 

  • Controllable through smartphone
  • Customized settings options as required. 
  • Different colors and sounds are available
  • Simple and durable design
  • Price slightly on the higher side

02. VAVA Home VA-CL006 Rechargeable Nightlight

ir?t=obesise 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B0785DT97BVAVA Home VA CL006 Rechargeable Nightlight


One of the essential tasks every new mother must indulge in is setting up a baby’s routine. Once the body starts differentiating between day and night, it becomes quite easier to manage the day.

Since babies require breastfeeding for the initial months, it is still vital to maintain the night routine.

A lot of parents prefer switching on lights during every feed. As a result, the body fails to differentiate the time of the day.

A night lamp is ideal for preventing your child from waking up at night. With the lowered power light, changing and feeding the child is much easier.

The VAVA has multiple abilities to prove itself a perfect choice for those looking for a night lamp. 

there is a round base on which the lamp sits to prevent falling over. To continue the emission of light, this rounded base is also a charger that connects to all USB-enabled charging cords.

However, recharge it for few hours and then unplug it.

Continuous charging may damage the connectivity inside and may stop working. Moreover, once charged, it continues operating the whole night. 

You don’t have to look for a separate switch or button to dim the lights. Just a light tap on the top of it does the trick.

Hence, in the middle of the night, since the mother is sleepy as well, plugging and unplugging will not be an issue.

Further, the lamp’s smooth body feels good to touch and will also not harm the child once he gets older. 

Its small and compact size fits conveniently in any luggage or hand-bag. Next time you are taking a long drive or are planning a trip, relocating the lamp will not be an issue.

Its strong material does not break easily, but you must be careful not to apply a heavy load on it.

  • Different density of light 
  • Emits warm light 
  • Powerful and efficient battery
  • USB cord included
  • Blue sensor light irritates many

03. TaoTronics Adjustable Brightness Nightlight

ir?t=obesise 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01N1S7B60TaoTronics Adjustable Brightness Nightlight


Another nightlamp that deserves to be on this list is the egg-shaped nightlamp from TaoTronics. Even a new mom longs for a good night’s sleep to stay refreshed the next day.

However, frequent nursing for the baby often disturbs the sleep of both the baby and the mother. If you, too, are a new mother, we can feel your pain.

A night lamp like this one supports your body and mind calm while you nurse in the middle of the night.

Its warm tone of light soothes the mind and promotes a night of better sleep for another few hours. 

Since the light emits through an LED, it is safe for the eyes even if kept near the bed or the cot. Further, it does not take off your night sleep like a high-power bulb or a tube light.

For those who are night owls and like spending a few hours with a book, this one is an ideal companion. With slight customization on the brightness, reading a book with ultimate silence helps the mind remain sane. 

A few hours of charge with the USB cable provided with the main unit is sufficient for the entire night. There is no requirement to keep it plugged in all the time.

Thus it saves energy by retaining the charge for longer hours. Further, there are different modes of light to suit the needs. 

The hardness of the material indicates its durable quality and does not break easily. But it is better to handle with care to avoid wastage of money and enjoy its long-lasting ability.

Brightness is adjustable with just a tap on the body. The two-tone of light: yellow, and white, keep the mind motivated and are helpful while changing diapers. 

  • Power button away from reach
  • Water-proof and portable
  • Safe to use
  • Ideal to gift new mothers
  • Brightness too high for some

04. UNIFUN Easy Touch-control Nightlight for Nursing

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For a nursery, it is always better to use a nursing light, especially during the night. Since walking in the dark is quite unmanageable, a nightlamp serves quite a few purposes.

If you want to avoid stepping into noisy toys at night, then this lamp is the one for you. With the help of this nightlight, you can easily reach your baby without disturbing them.

Due to its enough brightness, there is no need to switch on any high-powered light. Along with feeding purposes, it also helps when a baby needs his diaper change. 

Since the nightlight’s body has a plastic material, it is safe for usage. Its uniformly cylindrical shape sits perfectly on a table.

The entire room illuminates moderately with its brightness but does not let the baby awake.

There are no screeching noises or beeping sounds that may disturb a sleeping baby. If charged well, it can continue to glow for long hours in minimum brightness. 

Due to its capacity to change the brightness mode, it serves many purposes other than nursing a baby. If you like, it enables you to read a book without straining your eyes.

Further, on the lamp’s top side, there is a touch-sensitive panel that allows modification. With just a tap, you can choose the amount or color of brightness as preferred. 

Although it already includes a lithium polymer battery, it also requires charging. A general mobile USB charger works perfectly well with it. However, the battery is not removable and thus safe from other kids at home. 

  • Memorizes the mode opted 
  • Single tap powering ability
  • Does not require continuous charging
  • Retains charge for long hours
  • Requires regular charging

05. VAVA Home VA-CL009 Highly Functional Design Night Light

ir?t=obesise 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07L3TJBBJVAVA Home VA-CL009 Highly Functional Design Night Light


If you are researching affordable yet efficient nursing lights for your newborn’s nursery, check out this one.

You can effortlessly control the brightness and the desired color of your choice to soothe the eye and mind.

Long gone are the days when you are unable to sleep once the baby takes feed at night. Its soothing brightness and warm light promote sleep for both parents and the baby.

Moreover, it is simple to use and does not require extra installation or tools to set up, although charging is a must. 

If you are a frequent traveler, its small size is an added advantage. Because it has a standard quality body, it does not break easily unless it falls off an extreme height.

Its lightweight enables it to hold in one hand while relocating when the other hand is holding the baby. Also, its egg-shaped bodysuits the contemporary interiors of almost all houses. 

Allowing it to set at the color of choice suits the mood and calms down a stressful body. Due to the touch sensor on the nightlamp’s body, changing the brightness and color is very easy.

None of them pressurizes the eye to see with difficulty; in fact, it promotes better visibility. There is a power switch at the base, which requires turning on/off while starting or removing the charger.

Once charging is complete, it indicates it through the light and stops on its own. Likewise, you can also turn off the power in the morning to save extra electric consumption.

However, keeping it plugged on to a charger during the day will be beneficial. Once charged, it continues to light for the entire night. 

  • Suitable for all ages
  • Doesn’t refrain others from sleeping
  • Operates with touch
  • The battery lasts quite long.
  • Requires adjustment after switching on

06. Lumipets Cute Animal Silicone Baby Night Light

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While setting up the nursery before the baby arrives and other essentials like cot, racks, etc., lighting matters, exposure to regular sunlight is a must for a newborn for overall growth and development.

But since you will engage yourself in frequent feedings and changings, a suitable light is necessary for the night. Also, the brightness of the best nightlight for nursing should not disturb the baby’s sleep.

Hence, you may consider checking out the Lumipets nightlamp, which is cute and efficient at the same time.

As the shade of this light is silicone instead of plastic, there is mode dependency in terms of reliability. The light-emitting from the lamp is not harmful to the eyes, and neither is too bright for the night.

However, the brightness is sufficient for visibility and basic work at night like breastfeeding or diaper changing.

Further, its light is soothing for the baby to go back to sleep and helps the sleep-deprived mother.

With its teddy-shaped feature, the nursery looks attractive, and the overall look of the room also enhances. By setting different colors, it promotes color differentiating ability from a tender age.

There are altogether nine different colors to choose from, and it also brightens up the mood in the middle of the night.

A remote accompanies the lamp to enable the light adjustment from a distance. With multiple buttons on it, you can choose from different functions.

Also, there is a possibility of setting the time of reducing the brightness without entering the room multiple times. However, if you are already in the room, just tapping the body is all you need to do. 

  • Dual-tone of white light
  • Charges with USB adapter
  • Washable to promote hygiene 
  • Light enough for reading
  • No lock-in the settings

07. Hatch Rest+ LED Clock Baby Sound Night Light

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Baby books usually do not come in handy in practical life, especially if you are a new mother. Most mothers tend to overlook the importance of sleep.

You must understand that, like the baby, your body needs ample rest, preferably the first few months. Instead of using the regular lights in the nursery, try using this bedside lamp in the nursery.

Its soothing soft light relaxes the mind and enhances the circadian system of the body. Further, its battery-powered ability makes it an ideal traveling partner while on a trip with the baby.

To make the baby sleep, there are options of turning on the sounds and lullabies. With a wide range of these songs, choose the one suitable for each time of the day.

Since babies can be cranky, these calming sounds distract them from crying and concentrate on it. As a result, they will recognize the voice if played regularly.

The baby will soon fall asleep as soon as they hear the familiar sound.

Young kids and babies are often scared of darkness. Tube light is too bright for the night, while a dim light is too low to avoid accidents.

However, this one has moderate brightness and allows to change it as per requirement. Further, it gives enough light to avoid slipping or colliding with the wall and allows the baby’s supervision.

There will be no requirement of a separate alarm clock neither you need to set the time on your phone. With the help of this night lamp, you can use your routine at per convenience.

Apart from waking up, allow it to set time for medicines, bath-time, strolling, etc. Following a routine from the very beginning is beneficial for both baby and mum. 

  • Allows voice transmission within rooms.
  • Settings adjustable through mobile phones
  • Wide range of colors to select
  • Displays time on the base
  • The wi-fi range is quite short

08. Tecboss Kids Fun Design Birthday Gifts Presents Night Light

Tecboss Kids Fun Design Birthday Gifts Presents Night Lightir?t=obesise 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07F3TNKQV


If you are fond of quirky items in the nursery, this one is apt for your taste. The cute design of the chick hatching from the egg catches the attention of both babies and adults.

Gifting a useful item to a would-be mom can be quite challenging, but this nightlamp is a great idea. Along with serving the purpose after the baby’s arrival, the expecting mother can also start using it.

Its warm and cozy light fills the environment with a pacifying feel necessary to calm down the hormonal changes in the body. 

Silicon material indicates that it is safe for babies, toddlers, or the expecting mother.

Since the material is of food-grade quality, it does not cause any harm if toddlers play with it. Further, you can use the night lamp as a pacifying toy to calm down a crying baby. 

One essential feature that every parent is conscious about is keeping all babies and kids away from an electric board or panel.

By offering a strong and power-retaining battery, this lamp serves its purpose without an electric plug connected to it.

But ensure to charge it to the full extent in the day to function effectively at night. This feature also makes the nightlamp ideal to carry along while on a trip. 

Just with the touch of a finger, it allows changing of light and brightness. To ease the process, the setting modification is fast and smooth.

If you are using it the first time after recharging, hold it at the top of the chick’s head for a few seconds will turn it on. Then, only a gentle touch at the top is fine for adjusting the brightness.

However, whenever it is time to turn off, it only requires a one-time tap. 

  • Ideal for playing with babies
  • Does not strain the eyes
  • Recharges with a USB cable
  • 300 hours run-time
  • No adapter provided 

09. NeoJoy Remote Control Nursery Night Light for Kids

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Another nightlamp that gained a position in this list is NeoJoy, which excels in baby care products. Its Kitty-shaped figure brightens up the mood at any time of the day, especially while feeding babies at night.

Enough light to change nappies or swaddle the baby back to sleep. Apart from being battery-powered and saves a lot of energy instead of being continuously plugged in like other lamps.

If you have toddlers at home, it is also safe for their usage. But try to keep it away from their reach to avoid accidents and damages.

Although the remote accompanying the light is small in size but serves many purposes, there is a separate switch for the on and off button to avoid confusion, especially if there are grandparents.

For selecting the color mode, the buttons have different colors printed on them. Two switches on the extreme top left are for brightness adjustment.

Apart from these, there are separate buttons for different modes like a flash, strobe, etc., 

Since it perfectly sits on the table, there are no chances of it rolling down. The base is flat and thus enables it to sit stable. Its soft and delicate silicon cover feels good in the hand and does not irritate.

There are no sharp or pointed edges that may hurt the skin through cuts or abrasions. 

The presence of an inbuilt battery prevents the extra cost of changing batteries frequently. Since the batteries are not removable, it is safe for toddlers who are easily attracted to the kitty lamp.

Once fully charged, it can continue lighting for the next 15 hours continuously in moderate brightness. 

  • Fully controllable nightlight
  • Colors do not change until asked
  • Releases stress and promote sleep
  • Fun with different colors 
  • Tap-touch is not reliable

10. Gladle Long-Lasting Battery Night Light for Kids

ir?t=obesise 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07WPKLCL3Gladle Long-Lasting Battery Night Light for Kids


Last but not least, Gladle has occupied the seat without much delay. The nighttime light makes it easy for the nursing mother to continue sleeping.

Since every day comes with new challenges, it is necessary to have a sound sleep at night. And since babies tend to wake up every 2 hours, a suitable nightlight is very important.

Apart from having multiple other features, it allows the possibility of setting the timer. 

Only a slight touch is sufficient to set the brightness as the requirement of the day. I required, it can also magnetically attach to metal surfaces on the wall and then serve as a wall-fit light.

It can adjust to a wide range of colors and will promote color differentiation from early childhood. 

As it has the ability to set the time after which you desire to turn it off. Mothers too require quality sleep, and this night lamp helps in calming down the mind and then enhances sleep.

If you want to keep the lamp away from your toddler, attach it to the wall using the stick-on material available with the unit.

Once it sets for recharge, although it takes a bit long for a full charge, but can operate wirelessly later. Hence, this feature makes it suitable to prevent kids stay away from charging points.

Secondly, it is portable while traveling. 

  • Finger touch settings
  • Does not make disturbing noises
  • Indicator for easy location 
  • Magnetic base
  • Tiny LED light is distracting


Buying Considerations for the Best Nightlight for Nursing

Night Light for Breastfeeding

Nursing and changing diapers in the middle of the night is not an easy task. Sleep deprivation of new mothers can also have serious side effects.

Although the phase is common to all, it is necessary to understand that a good amount of sleep needs the birthing body.

Similarly, since babies cannot differentiate between day and night, it is the parent’s duty to make them aware of the same.

Hence during the day, try keeping maximum natural brightness in the room. But at night, a nightlight is preferable, as there are frequent sessions of changing nappies and feeding.

Amidst all, a sleep-enhancing device is perfect for promoting sleep for both baby and mother.

We are confident that the above product list has given a brief idea of hat essential features you can look for in a nightlight.

Since there are too many options to choose from, it becomes quite challenging to decide the best one. 

There are some factors mentioned below that will enable you to choose the best Nursery Night Light to ease the process. 


One of the first factors that catch everyone’s attention is the price of the product. Most of the nursing nightlights are affordable. For long-lasting performance, it is better to choose a standard quality.

A cheaper one will soon burn off its coil after repeated charging and will no longer continue to work. There are a lot of choices for choosing an affordable nightlight, and their price range also varies.

Deciding on a budget beforehand will be helpful to sort out the ones which are within affordability. Further, you can also avail of the various deals and discounts that the seller offers. 


Almost all the nightlights are of standard size. The larger the body, the higher will be brightness level for a nightlight. A moderate size nightlight is portable and easy to relocate.

Further, it also enables the device to hold in one hand while the other holds the baby. 


Touch-sensitivity nightlight: These are operable with just a tap of the finger on the body. Due to their tap-control ability, it enables switching to different modes quite easily.

Holding the device for a few seconds, turn it on and off. Similarly, it also allows changing the brightness and modes of colors as per requirement. 


Remotes accompany the devices in these types and have quite a variety of functions. Along with changing the light intensity from a distance, it also allows setting the timer.

Further, these types are operable from a specific distance in the room. If required, some are also attachable to iron plats through a magnet or with a strong adhesive.

Even if you are away from the table that places the nightlight, you may continue to change the other corner’s brightness. 


These are similar to remote-controlled, but the difference lies in operation through a mobile application. This allows moving around the house to perform other activities freely.

Thus, it does not require being continuously present in the nursery to change the settings. 


While choosing the nightlight, it is better to choose the one which is safe in operation and has better battery retaining capacity.

This will ensure keeping the nightlight plugged out of the electric panel to avoid accidents while the baby is around.

Moreover, a food-grade quality body indicates it is safe if the toddlers hold them. A silicon-based material does not damage when it falls off from a height.

Choose the one with LED lights as they are cooler than bulbs and tubes and warmer than dim lights. This ensures a safe and cozy environment and also does not harm the eyes or consume more energy. 


Apart from these specifications, choose the one which has an inbuilt battery. Some of them have the ability to stop charging after a full recharge.

A lot of them allow different colors of lights in different modes. If necessary, you may choose the one which allows voice transmission to prevent the baby feel isolated.

Whether you are an ardent traveler, choose the one which can retain charge longer and has a powerful battery. The base of the nightlight must sit properly on the table.

Some of them also have the ability to set times and alarms. If you need detailed specifications, ensure to check them before deciding on one. 

Best Nightlight for Nursing

Crucial Q&A for the Best Nursery NightLight

The best nightlight for nursing isn’t just about choosing the suitable one. There are lots of asking during selecting the perfect nightlight.

Different people face individual issues and try to find out the solution.

However, we have picked some important Q&A, where you will get all the answers. Let’s find them together…

Q: Are the nightlights chargeable?

ANS: Yes, almost all the nightlights are chargeable and can also retain charge for long hours. A USB cable accompanies the device. But there is no adapter along with it.

It will charge efficiently with any mobile adapter and charger. Make sure to confirm if the charger is a type B or type C charger. 

Q: How many colors can they change?

ANS: Most of them can change multiple colors, a minimum of three. But there are some that either emit white light or yellow light.

Hence, before purchasing one for yourself, check the specifications in the description. 

Q: Are the lights safe for the eyes?

ANS: Yes, the lights prove safe for the eyes of both adults and kids. Since the nightlights include LED lights, they are much cooler than traditional bulbs. Secondly, due to lower radiation of heat, they do not affect the retina. 

Q: How efficient are LEDs in nightlights?

ANS: Apart from emitting low heat, they also have a longer life span and are durable in performance.

They do not consume high energy, and thus while charging them through the adapter, they do not consume high electricity.

They are comparatively brighter in terms of power to ensure enough visibility in the darkness. But it does not emit too much light, which may disturb a sleeping baby.

Hence, LEDs are quite efficient in illumination as much as necessary for the nightlights. Moreover, they do not emit any UV rays, which is safe for babies and the environment. 

Q: Are the nightlights touch operable?

ANS: Yes, most nightlights are operable through the tap of a finger. A simple tap on the body or at the top of the head changes the brightness and the color.

You can adjust it as per the time of the day or requirement. 

Q: How can nightlights pacify babies?

ANS: Babies can be quite cranky sometimes; they take time to adjust in certain situations.

Since most babies and toddlers require some time to adapt to the changing environment, a constant object in their vicinity helps them calm down.

They can relate to the object and familiarise themselves with it. Further, when they wake up at night, the averagely dark environment promotes sleeping back again.

Some nightlights also have the function of soft and light music and lullabies. This enhances their sleep and pacifies them when cranky.

Q: Are replacement chargers available with sellers?

ANS: Some of the sellers also provide replacement chargers when asked for. But since all the nightlights are compatible with the basic phone charger, it is not a necessity. 

Q: How are nightlights beneficial for nursing mothers?

ANS: Just like babies, mothers too require an ample amount of sleep throughout the day. But when there is a small baby to take care of, a mother’s sleep takes a toll.

Nightlights prevent switching on regular interior lights, which disturbs sleep in the middle of the night.

An expecting mother or newborns’ mother can use the nightlights to go back to sleep after feeding or changing nappies.

It provides enough brightness to allow book reading without straining the eyes. Reading not only calms down the brain but also improves mental health and gives some me-time. 

Q: Are nightlights ideal as gifts?

ANS: Instead of gifting chocolates and dresses, gifting a nightlight is a better idea. It is not only cost-efficient but is a useful commodity.

Along with gifting it to expecting mothers, it is also useful for young children and toddlers. 

Q: How to control nightlight with a mobile phone.?

ANS: Some nightlights have the ability to connect through mobile phones. Once connected through wi-fi or Bluetooth, you can control the functions from a different room.

However, usually, the range is low and limited within the few rooms of the house. Even if you are in another room, you can change the nightlight settings placed in the nursery.

If you have the application installed, use the screen to adjust brightness rather than manually walking to the room. 

Q: How long does the battery last?

ANS: All the nightlights have a powerful in-built battery. Once charged, it serves its functions throughout the night.

However, there is a necessity to adjust the light to ensure maximum efficiency. Higher the brightness, the faster the loss of charge.

Almost all of them require a full battery recharge through the USB cable provided with the main device. In case you prefer the lowest intensity of brightness, the charge will last for a few days. 

Q: Do the nightlights require frequent settings?

ANS: Yes, some of them cannot retain the past settings of the device once turned off. You need to set the timer, brightness, and color all over again.

However, some of them do memorize the settings until they changed. 

Q: Can more than one device connect through one mobile app?

ANS: Yes, you can easily connect more than one device in the same application. However, ensure that both of them are of the same brand.

Or else you will need a different application for each of them. 


As we near the end of the discussion, we hope we could give all the essential details you were looking for. Nightlights are great companions for new mothers and enhances their sleep rather than disturbing it.

While choosing the best nightlight for nursing, ensure to check the safety standards and prefer a quality material as you do not want to take any chances with the baby’s health.

Also, ensure to plug out the cable after recharging, and using the lowest brightness will retain the charge longer. This will save extra consumption of electricity and will also protect the coil from damage.

If you are expecting a mother or looking for an ideal gift for one, make sure to consider this list before deciding on any random product.

Nursing mothers will appreciate your efforts and will reduce their mental stress with a good night’s sleep.

If these weren’t enough, check out some other picks from Amazon also: