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Can You Track Someone by Their Phone Number – 2024 Guide

Back in the day, tracking a person was not only difficult to perform but incomparably harder than what nowadays is considered a routine. Without question, numerous tech inventions have potentiated contemporary practice, but still, a vast majority of individuals have no clue about how to utilize available resources. You should be aware that we are all tracked in a way regardless of whether you are aware of it or not. On the other hand, a significantly smaller percentage of individuals have means of tracking others. So, can a random person track someone by their phone number? Read our 2024 guide and find out!

Why Track?

We tend not to be negative when tracking is in question, thus, we shall discuss potential reasons for tracking a person other than stalking, with or without their knowledge.

If you have a child, you must know how worried a parent can be, especially if they feel things are not strictly under their control. Additionally, you might want to know the whereabouts of a person who, for some reason, cannot share their location with you even if they try.

Finally, knowing the location of someone you might want to surprise when they least expect it could be crucial for your plan. The list can go on and on, but the point is there are more than justified reasons to have means to track a person.

Why Track


To track a person via their phone number, you should first know how this form of tracking works. Namely, you would not be exactly tracking their phone number, but a device to which the number is connected. In order to expand the list of prerequisites for a successful tracking venture, the device user must have their GPS location turned on. By utilizing available features, not only can you find out about someone’s current whereabouts, but you can also have an insight into their recent activity.

The catch with tracking a person via phone number lies when they turn off their device’s GPS. Namely, there are ways to track a phone by accessing data related to base stations the one who we are trying to track has interacted with, only you would need a much more sophisticated technology than the case is in the first example. Considering you came here for a swift answer, we shall focus on a variant we reckon you will handle with less effort.


Find Your Service

There are numerous ways to track a person of interest from the comfort of their home. Namely, the data about almost anyone who uses a mobile device already exist, but the catch is to find a way to obtain the pieces of information you need. Since this type of info is hard to obtain if you have no idea how the whole concept works, we advise you to reach out to the pros.

Therefore, we advise you to do your homework and analyze the market until you find a service provider who suits you. Read the reviews, ratings, comments, and everything else you can find about the ones who claim they can give you what you want for a small compensation. At you can learn about the qualities a decent location service should have.

Find Your Service

Simple as That

Before we continue, you should know that location services should guarantee uncompromised anonymity to their users. If they do not, we suggest you avoid them at all costs. We suppose you do not want to take your chances and work with companies that could compromise your right to remain anonymous. After all, if you consider your nothing harm would happen if the person you want to track finds out about your efforts, you have our support to do as you wish.

Now that we have taken care of the anonymity feature, we should get back on what to do once you have found your provider. In a nutshell, it does not really matter whether you want to use an app or a web page, since the following step implies typing the number in a primitive search box. Just make sure you get the digits right and provide additional pieces of information if necessary, and watch the magic happen.


Pay the Man

Locating random people is not an everyday practice, at least not that we are aware of. Jokes aside, finding out about a person’s whereabouts will cost you money. Different services charge different rates for what they offer, which is reasonable since they are selling different types of data. The more detailed report you demand, the higher amount should you be prepared to spend.

What we should also highlight is that not every service will do what they charge you for. To make a long story short, not every phone location service is what it claims to be and that is why you should never rush with your conclusions, no matter how desperately you might need the info they claim to provide.

As in any other industry, fraudsters have found ways to infiltrate the market, and somehow, they manage to remain competitive regardless of numerous disappointed clients. For that reason, we urge you not to click on the first flashy commercial you come across online, moreover, analyze a company no matter how professional and trustworthy it might appear at first glance.

For instance, fraudsters will try to rob you as soon as you enter their domain, without ever showing the slightest intention to maintain a long-term relationship with you. On the other hand, a certified service will most probably try to sell you a monthly, or even a yearly package, since their experience has shown that a customer seldomly opts for a one-time package. Let’s take a worried parent as an example. The chances they will need this service more than once are sky-high, and why would not a devoted service provider offer them a discount? On the contrary, a criminal would aim for a quick profit, neglecting the idea and the meaning behind the concept.

Hopefully, the aforementioned pieces of information and suggestions will help you find the location of your special someone even sooner than you hoped for. Just make sure you check your resources and work with service providers with a positive rating, and the answers you seek will come to you.