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How Do Modern Truckers Find Their Loads?

Modern truckers have quite a few options when it comes to finding work. This article is a quick guide to the most commonly used ways in which truckers organize their journeys. New technology makes finding a load relatively easy for truckers willing to put the work in.

Load Boards

Load Boards 1

One of the most popular ways in which truckers find one-off shipping work assignments is by using load boards. Online load boards work in much the same way as the physical boards that were once found at truck stops. Shipping clients that need a load to be transported post the work that they have to offer and the requirements it involves. Truckers can then choose to get in contact with the person or company offering the load.

Many truckers use load boards to ‘fill in’ gaps in their working week while also looking to find work directly from shippers or via a broker. A load board essentially enables truckers to tap into the gig economy  and find shipping work while continuing to carry loads as they always have done.

Freight Brokers

Freight brokers are essentially middlemen. They help to get clients and truckers in contact with one another and arrange every aspect of the contractual agreements between the two parties. For this, however, they tend to take a relatively hefty cut of the fee that would usually be paid out to truckers taking on loads. A successful relationship with a freight broker, however, can mean that a trucker receives lots of well-paid, regular work. It can be worth the money.

Directly From Shippers

Directly From Shippers

Many experienced truckers prefer to get their loads directly from shippers. Truckers can benefit significantly by finding loads directly from shippers. First and foremost, it allows them to negotiate better rates and secure more profitable loads. By bypassing intermediaries such as brokers, truckers can eliminate the fees and commissions that come with their services, allowing them to earn more money per load.

Working directly with shippers can help build long-term relationships, which can lead to a steady stream of work and repeat business. This can help truckers avoid the relative unpredictability and fluctuation that comes with relying on load boards or brokers for work.

Finding loads directly from shippers can also provide truckers with greater control over their schedules and routes. They can negotiate specific delivery times and plan more efficient routes that maximize their time on the road and minimize wasted miles.

Load Matching Applications

Load matching applications for truckers work by connecting them with available loads that match their equipment and location. Truckers create a profile detailing their equipment type, capacity, and availability, and the app matches them with shippers or brokers who have loads that fit their criteria. The app provides truckers with information about the load, such as the pick-up and delivery locations, load weight, and payment details, allowing them to make informed decisions about which loads to accept. Load matching apps can help truckers find work quickly and efficiently, as well as maximize their earnings potential by providing access to a wider range of loads that match their equipment and preferences.