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Small Ideas That Can Make Your Backyard More Dog-Friendly

Dogs love to spend time outside, so you may wonder how you can make your backyard a little more pet-friendly. This includes making your backyard more comfortable and safe, so you don’t have to worry about hazards or leaving your pup unattended. That way, your pup can spend some time outside while also having space for hosting puppy play dates.

This means you need to figure out what ideas you can implement in your backyard to make your pup happier. This requires work on your part while also deciding if you want to focus on a premium backyard or a budget backyard.

Premium Dog Backyard

There are a few premium dog ideas to make your furry friend happy and comfortable. While these are pricier options, they often provide good value.

Invisible or Wired Fences


You can start by looking at invisible and wired dog fences. Both of these options will let you create an invisible boundary around your home, so you can prevent your pup from leaving the backyard. Otherwise, they could end up running out of the backyard and escaping the home without your permission.

These fences come with GPS collars, so you can prevent your furry friend from leaving the backyard and also keep track of where they are. If you want to look into various options, you can check out reviews for wireless fences at to see the best options on the market.

Smart Dogdoor


Some people don’t mind opening the door to let their pups in and out, but this can be difficult if you’re out or busy. You may want a dogdoor for your furry friend to run out of the house, but you may not want other animals getting into your home. Luckily, you can purchase a smart dogdoor if you want to prevent this problem from happening.

A smart dogdoor uses the corresponding collar as a key. The door automatically locks unless the collar gets close to the door. When your pup approaches with the collar on, the door will automatically unlock to let them in.

Automatic Ball Launcher


Some dogs may get bored when they’re alone for long periods, this can lead to misbehavior like destroying the yard or furniture. You can avoid this problem by purchasing an automatic ball launcher for them. This device allows the ball to enter the back of it, so the device can shoot the ball through the air. That way, they can keep putting the ball into the launcher and use it to easily play fetch.

While it will take some training to get your pup to use the launcher, you can help him have tons of fun while outside. You can also adjust the launching distance, so the ball doesn’t go over the fence or too far away.

Click here to watch video about training your dog to use the launcher.

Dog House or Enclosure

Dog House or Enclosure 1

If you plan to have your dog spend tons of time outside, you can get them a doghouse or enclosure. These large items will give them a place to relax and stay out of the sun. They usually come with a roof or tarp, so the sunlight won’t make him or her dehydrated.

You can take this a step further by turning the pup’s house into a home crafts project. Some people love the concept of doggy craft ideas, so you could build a doghouse for your furry friend to stay out of the sun when necessary.

Budget Dog Backyard

If a premium budget doesn’t work for you, then you should think about dog-friendly backyard ideas on a budget.

Dog Bells


Some people don’t want to deal with dog doors, so they may go with bells as a way to communicate with their furry friends. This involves putting a bell on your back door, so your pup can ring it whenever he or she wants to go into the house. It works well for owners who must tackle other tasks while their furry family runs around in the backyard.

After all, some people can’t watch their pup the entire time, so the bells can help them out. If your pup won’t constantly ring the bell, you can even put one on the inside of the door, so they can tell you when they need to run out to the yard for business.

This option necessitates a lot of training though, so what you’re saving in cash you’re paying for with time.

Outdoor Toys

Outdoor Toys dogs

While your dog spends time outside, he or she will want a way to remain entertained, and the last thing you want is for that entertainment to be digging up the yard! This makes outdoor toys a great choice for pets. For example, your pip may have some stuffed animals he or she plays with while inside. However, these toys may not work well in the outdoors since they could get dirty or covered in mud.

You can choose some dedicated outdoor toys, so your pet doesn’t bring anything dirty into the house. For example, you could have some tennis balls you leave outside along with a tugging rope depending on what works for your situation. Since these toys don’t cost too much money, you can find a way to fit them into your budget and make your pup happy.

Outdoor Food and Water Bowls

Outdoor Food and Water Bowls dogs

Since your dog may get hungry or thirsty while outside, you may want to leave a food or water bowl out there. These work great since they can easily chow on some food or grab a bit of water after running around the yard. That way, they won’t end up overheating or getting dehydrated when he or she spends some time outside.

However, if you plan to leave food and water bowls outside, you need to find a good spot for them. For example, you can put them on the patio, so the rain and elements won’t affect the food. You should also check them regularly to refill or clean them as needed.

The Perfect Dog Backyard

Creating the perfect backyard for your pup takes some time, but you can do so as you identify small ways to improve it. From adding toys to installing a smart dogdoor, you can find multiple options to make your backyard better a fun place for your pet. Give some of these ideas a try, so you can see which ones makes your pup happiest.

Some dogs may have different needs from others, so you must focus on what you think will make them happy. Whether you focus on premium or budget backyard ideas, you can make the space better for your furry friend.