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7 Smart Home Gadgets That Practically Clean the House for You

Building a safe, secure and lively home is a dream of many. It gives one a sense of belonging and warmth. A house is not just about brick and mortar, there are a lot of other things that one should take care of at their homes.

These include having good home-security systems and gadgets like those provided by

Besides keeping one’s house safe, it is also important to make it as functional as possible so that one can live with ease there.

One way of making houses more functional is to install smart home gadgets that have the capability of automatically cleaning one’s home. Such gadgets do not only make one’s work easier but also help in saving time. Below is a comprehensive list of 7 such smart house gadgets that will practically clean your house for you:

1. Robotic Mop

robotic mop

Mopping is a time consuming and tedious task when done manually. It is also very tiring and many people who have busy lifestyles might not opt to mop the floor on their own. It gets harder to mop the whole house if the house is larger.

A solution to eliminate these problems is buying robotic or robot mops. These mops are very smart in their functioning and know when to mop and when to stop. What this means is that these robot mops will be able to clean a floor with dirt a lot more efficiently.

Besides this, these mops are designed in a way that makes it easy for them to reach the nooks and corners of one’s house. Different types of mop attachments can also be attached to the mop based on the type of floor or tile one wants the mop to clean.

2. Microwave Cleaner

It is not very often that one cleans their microwave. But it is important to do so since a microwave is such a gadget which is used almost daily. A microwave cleaner is not as expensive as other gadgets used for cleaning around the house. It does not require much preparation.

One can just fill the container with vinegar, water and lemon juice and microwave it for no more than 10 minutes to get the microwave cleaned. This is a hassle free and functional solution against dirty microwaves.

3. Automatic Carpet Cleaner

automatic cleaner 1

Carpets usually have the tendency to retain the stains that have been made on them and many people are too lazy to clean their carpets on a regular basis. This makes the carpet look very dirty and shabby overtime. Having an automatic carpet cleaner can be a great gadget for cleaning carpets and rugs.

An automatic carpet cleaner can be used to clean dry dirt like pet hair or dust and it can also be used to clean any stain caused by the falling of a liquid. This not only makes the work easier but also makes it much more efficient.

4. Robotic Window Cleaner

robotic cleaner

Cleaning Windows manually can be a bit dangerous especially if one wants to clean windows which are placed at a height. Hence it is a great idea to opt for robotic Window Cleaner gadgets.

Such gadgets can be controlled by using a remote or one’s phone’s Wi-Fi. This way it becomes a lot easier and safer to clean large windows with ease. Besides this it also makes the process a lot faster and efficient.

5. Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

robot vacuum cleaner

Vacuuming a house is a daily affair. A lot of Dirt and every can be collected in one’s house in even a single day. Not everyone has the time and patience to sleep or vacuum the whole house manually. Hence if one wants to upgrade that one cleans one’s house one can opt for a robotic vacuum cleaner.

A robotic vacuum cleaner is an automatic tool that can be used to clean and dust the whole house with ease. It cleans the dirt from every nook and corner of the house and has automatic features that can help it detect and clean specific areas which are dirty. This way it can make one’s cleaning work a lot easier and faster.

6. Air Purifier

air purifer
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Cleaning a house is not only about just cleaning the visible dust and dirt. The house also needs to have a clean environment and atmosphere. This is where air purifiers are useful.

Air purifiers can help one clean the air of one’s house. It can help in eliminating dust particles and polluted air from the house and keep it well ventilated and filtered. In this way not only is the house visibly clean but it also has a cleaner environment.

7. Toilet Bowl Cleaner

toilet bowl cleaner

Besides keeping one’s rooms clean, it is also important to focus on keeping one’s washroom and toilet clean. They do create a great impact on the overall hygiene of oneself and one’s home.

Toilet bowl cleaners like ‘Flush ‘N’ Sparkle’ do just that. It can be made to fit in the overflow tube of the flush valve which then cleans the toilet bowl whenever the flush is used. Thus after one person is done using the toilet bowl can be cleaned automatically before anyone else uses it.


Keeping once home clean is of great priority to maintain hygiene and also have a good impact on one’s guests. Hence, it is not a bad choice to opt for good gadgets that can help in the cleaning process of one’s home especially if one has a busy schedule and is too busy to clean one’s home oneself.

Such gadgets do not only make the work easier but can even be more efficient than manual cleaning. One can choose to opt for automatic tools like carpet cleaners and even robotic tools like window cleaners and vacuums which can easily be controlled by one’s mobile phone or a remote. These tools are sure to make the cleaning work a lot less stressful and more effective.