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Top Essential Oils You Should Buy in a Health Store

Because humans have a sense of smell, we can experience our surroundings in powerful ways. Through aromatherapy, you can use essential oils to stimulate this ability. They are mixed with organic substances like coconut oil and olive oil, and you can apply them to your hair or skin.

Additionally, they are extracted from the seeds, leaves, and flowers of certain plants (watch this video to see how they are made). You can find many of them in a health store but to help you make a quick buying decision, we made a list of top essential oils you should buy.

5 Essential Oils You Should Get

Here are our top 5 picks:

1. Peppermint Essential Oils


They have an irresistible scent that is closely associated with the winter holiday. They also offer many health benefits that improve the symptoms of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and increase athletic performance.

2. Lavender Essential Oils

They provide a relaxing and soothing scent. Generally, they are used as stress relievers in aromatherapy. They also make excellent massage products when combined with carrier oils.

3. Tea Tree Oils

tea tree oil

They have antifungal and antibacterial properties. As a result, you can use them to care for wounds, get rid of head lice, or control dandruff. You can add them to shampoos or use the diluted forms directly on your skin for fungal infections like athlete’s foot. Be careful when using them in shampoo or to treat lice as they could irritate your eyes.

4. Bergamot Essential Oils

bergamot oil essental

They are extracted from Citrus bergamia, a hybrid combo of lemons and oranges. They are enticing and have a distinctive scent that enhances colognes, body lotions, and massage products. They also contain compounds that reduce stress and alleviate inflammation and pain.

Some persons are allergic to bergamot oil as it irritates their skin. You may want to dilute yours, then test it on a small portion of your skin before you start using it on a full scale.

Because the product is gotten from citrus fruit, your skin might become photosensitive. So, ensure you cover up properly before stepping outside or use it only when you know you would be indoors.

5. Eucalyptus Essential Oils

eucalyptus group

They have a distinctive and refreshing scent that can get rid of mildew odors. They are also good for calming down cough and nasal congestion. You can equally use them in diffusers and humidifiers.

Essential Oil vs CBD Oil

cbd oil 1

Both products are quite similar because they are gotten from plants even though the methods of extraction and production are different. The major difference is cannabidiol’s mode of interaction with the human body.

As opposed to essential oils, you can consume cannabidiol. As soon as it gets into your body, it interacts with certain receptors (endocannabinoid system) that regulate several functions like appetite, joint function, stress, mood, sleep, and so on. In fact, when you consume cannabidiol regularly, it minimizes discomfort, boosts energy, and improves overall health.

Because essential oils do not work like CBD oils, they offer different benefits which will inform the one you should buy. CBD works inside the human body to support and regulate its health. Essential oils, on the other hand, work through our sense of smell to improve the way our brain functions.

Both remedies have some similarities, judging by the available evidence and studies. However, not enough research has been done in that area. This is because the benefits of aromatherapy are limited and discussions about cannabis are still controversial due to the lack of regulations.

Can You Use Cannabidiol Oil like Essential Oil?

You can use cannabidiol oil like essential oil because the former contains extracts from hemp plants, scents or flavors, and carrier oils. They are both plant extracts and flavor-enhancing oils, so if you can’t get essential oil or want to add something extra to your regimen, use cannabidiol oil. You need to know that essential oil is not consumed like cannabidiol oil.

Furthermore, you can add cannabidiol in diffusers and humidifiers to improve the scent in rooms. Some cannabidiol oils contain other carrier oils that offer the benefits of aromatherapy. You can check out Cheef Botanicals to see some examples. But you must know that using cannabidiol in diffusers will not offer the same health benefits that you would get when you consume it or use it on your skin. It will simply vaporize the content to release the nice smell.

You can use cannabidiol topically like essential oil and the content would be absorbed into your skin. Many companies offer specific cannabidiol products for topical use in the form of body oil, lotion, cream, and serum. Using it topically improves skin, muscle, and joint relaxation.

Although some persons have tried both cannabidiol and essential oils and say that none of them work. Different factors are responsible for this phenomenon. Their body chemistry may not be suitable for cannabidiol, or they did not consume the right dose, or they bought the wrong cannabidiol product. Everyone can’t have the same experiences with essential oil and cannabidiol. It is different strokes for different folks.


The bodies and needs of people differ. Hence, the best dosage and method of consuming cannabidiol differ. The product comes in different dosages, forms, and flavors. Like essential oil, some brands offer high-quality oil while others don’t. So, when purchasing either of the products, ensure you get it from a reliable source.