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Top 10 Best Neewer Flash Review with User Guides

Here we analyze the best in this Neewer Flash Review among the accessories available for cameras.

It means that these are some flashlight accessories that will allow users to improve their results in every photograph.

Moreover, flash lighting is one of the main elements of any camera. However, there is no single model or set of accessories with the same features.

So, the choice for a novice user can become a bit difficult and overwhelming. Here we have incorporated complete information about it to facilitate the selection of any person.

At the same time, we have analyzed the most relevant aspects of each Neewer tt560 review Flash. In this way, novice users will get much more pleasant pictures and memorable moments.

Also, experienced users will complement their photographic studies to obtain better results and tremendous business growth.

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A Short Neewer Flash Review 2024

The 10 Best Neewer Flash Review 2024

01. Neewer TT560 Power Management Flash Speedlite

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One way to improve a camera is to implement this accessory to get a good flash. It is mainly an accessory that can provide excellent features to beginner or professional users.

Those who want to get a good lighting level in every photo can apply this high-end accessory.

Easy to use

An essential feature of this accessory is that it is easy to use.

Even this unit incorporates a set of indicators for battery, usage mode, power management, and other additional functions.

The flash is tiltable with an angle of 0 to 270 degrees of horizontal rotation and an angle of 0 to 90 degrees of vertical rotation. In this mode, the customer can easily aim the flashlight to where it is needed.

There is also the possibility to have a test flash to check the light required for each picture. So it is a good way for novice users to adapt to a professional accessory.

Great compatibility

With this accessory, the compatibility includes Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Olympus, Pentax, among other DSLR cameras.

Beyond that, it is necessary to highlight that this accessory is compatible with my hot shoe cameras such as a9, a7, a7II, a7III, a7RIII, a7RII, a7SII, a6000, a6300, and a6500. So compatibility covers a wide range of devices.

High level of versatility

A color temperature of 5600k can be obtained in this device. Also, the flash duration is between 1/300 seconds and 1/20000 seconds.

In this way, the user can adapt the operation of this flash to the lighting conditions of each environment.

Each of the four AA-type batteries required is not included.


  • Excellent vertical and horizontal rotation
  • Long flash duration
  • Comprehensive compatibility


  • Batteries not included 

02. Neewer 750II TTL High Quality Flash Speedlite with LCD Display

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Among the most reliable camera accessories, this unit is most commonly chosen by users. It is an accessory that will provide the right flash for better illumination of all kinds of photographs.

Each of these accessory features makes it much easier and smoother for beginners or advanced users.

Simple operation

An LCD is built into this accessory, making it easy to choose from the various options it can offer.

Some of these functions may be somewhat complex to use for novice users.

Beyond that, this is one of the most recommended accessories for those who want to learn how to take pictures with excellent lighting in all kinds of circumstances.

Excellent compatibility

Those who have a Nikon DSLR camera will incorporate this accessory.

Some of the cameras compatible with this accessory are d7200, d7100, d7000, d5500, d5300, d5200, and d5100, among others.

Compatibility covers a wide variety of Nikon cameras but not other cameras from other manufacturers.

Good level of versatility

An angle of 0 to 270 degrees is obtained in the horizontal direction and a range of -7 to 90 degrees in the vertical direction.

Besides, the flash duration starts at 1/300 and can go up to 1/20000 seconds.

When it comes to the PC synchronous line, the PC synchronous port is straightforward to use and very convenient to adapt this accessory not only to a Nikon camera.


  • Excellent flash duration
  • A vertical and horizontal rotation angle
  • Excellent compatibility with Nikon cameras


  • Not compatible with other brands of cameras 

03. Neewer NW-670 TTL Flash Speedlite Compatible with Canon DSLR

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Those who enjoy a Canon camera and different Canon DSLR models will incorporate this accessory for the best flash.

In this case, it is the version specialized in this manufacturer, so it includes features adapted to this type of camera.

All consumers can benefit from better pictures in a simple way.

Simple operation

When it comes to connecting this accessory to the PC, a simple way of using the PC synchronous line has also been incorporated. The LCD screen here has also been included to choose each of the various functions easily and quickly.

The Canon Hot Shoe is exceptionally compatible with different Canon models to link this accessory with the digital camera.

Great Compatibility

As we have mentioned, the compatibility covers a wide variety of Canon DSLR models.

Among the most popular models, we can mention Canon 7D Mark 2, 5D Mark 2, 3 and 4, 1300D, 1200D, 1100D, and many others. Of course, the compatibility covers the most popular and well-known Canon models.

Suitable additional features

When users want to get wireless activation, this accessory can offer it.

In indoor environments, wireless activation of 20 to 25 m is obtained. This same automatic triggering is available in outdoor environments from 10 to 15 meters.

Along with that, the flash duration offers excellent range, and even a multi-flash function is available.


  • Excellent compatibility with Canon DSLRs
  • Easy and fast operation
  • Wireless triggering available


  • No batteries included 

04. Neewer 750II Powerful Flash Kit for Nikon

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Today, many users have one of Nikon’s models due to the wide variety of cameras that this manufacturer can offer.

Here, the 2.4 GHz wireless flash trigger is complemented by the rest of the functions for a unique result. That is why it is one of the most popular choices these days.

Easy and fast operation

People will notice that this is a flash accessory very worthy of a professional level when using this accessory. The wireless flash trigger incorporates three functions in 1.

So this means that it can be adaptable to cameras at a distance of one meter, works as studio lights, and triggers off-camera flash units.

Broad compatibility

The compatibility of this accessory considers the wide variety of Nikon models.

While this accessory is not compatible with other brands, it will undoubtedly work with Nikon D7000 up to Nikon D50. It may be more than enough for many people, considering that this is a complete kit that includes different components.

Included accessories

To complete the functionality of this accessory, the user will be able to count on a wireless flash trigger, the autofocus flash, and the camera’s remote control function.

Along with that, the M-cord and B-cord are included to use the remote control and the hard flash diffuser, soft flash diffuser, and lens cap holder.


  • Complete kit of parts
  • Great Nikon compatibility
  • Professional level functions


  • Primarily useful for advanced users

05. Neewer NW-670 TTL Flash Speedlite with LCD Display Kit

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Today, among the unique options is this accessory compatible with various Canon DSLR cameras.

Unlike the previous option, it also incorporates an excellent variety of handy accessories.

A person will be able to complete their photography studio with the addition of these accessories.

Very easy to use flash

Here is a flash that incorporates a 2.4GHz wireless flash trigger.

This device offers three functions, including triggering off-camera flashlights, using the camera as studio lights, and as a camera from a distance of up to one meter.

The user will also be able to use the LCD to select different functions quickly.

Professional quality functions

Specifically, this accessory has synchronous PC ports to use the flash differently.

Along with this, an external power supply can be incorporated thanks to the design of this unit. In this case, vertical rotation is up to 90 degrees while horizontal rotation is up to 270 degrees.

Automatic temperature detection complements the rest of the high-end functions.

Wide range of accessories

Completing an accessory kit allows any user to approach a professional level. So this kit includes a lens cap holder, soft flash diffuser, hard flash diffuser, the b-cord, and m-cord for remote control.

The wireless flash trigger has also been included as the autofocus flash.


  • Complete kit of parts
  • Excellent compatibility with Canon DSLR
  • Optimal vertical and horizontal rotation 


  • Regular battery life 

06. Neewer 2 Packs NW561 2.4G Wireless Trigger Flash Speedlite Kit

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Some people have more than one camera when they want to develop their photo studio.

In this case, it is enough to have only one flashlight accessory. We should consider this option that includes two flash accessories instead of one.

Proper operation

Beyond the difference that here two units are included, this accessory is still very suitable for different cameras. So this means that people will get vertical rotation up to 90° and horizontal rotation up to 180 degrees.

Simultaneously, the flash time can start at 1/200 and go up to 1/20000. For some users, this is quite appropriate and excellent.

Optimal compatibility

Regarding compatibility, this device can be used with Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Olympus, Pentax, Fujifilm, and Sony.

The compatibility also includes all cameras with the Hot Shoe feature.

The flashlight accessory can be mounted on top of these cameras to have only one accessory when taking pictures.

Complete kit of parts

Although the batteries are not included, users will have two NW-561 flash units.

The transmitter, two receivers, and the 2.4 GHz wireless trigger are also included along with these parts.

On the other hand, it should be noted that TTL incompatibility and some functions of the menu settings of some cameras are not available. Anyway, it is still a great accessory.


  • Two flash units
  • Excellent compatibility with different brands
  • Built-in wireless shutter release


  • No batteries included 

07. Neewer 2 Packs i-TTL Auto-Focus Flash Kit Compatible with Nikon

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Those who enjoy Nikon cameras probably have more than a single unit in their homes or photo studios.

So this component kit is best suited for all of them who wish to achieve a professional level of photography.

As such, compatibility covers Nikon cameras only.

Excellent functionality

We can see that the 2.4 GHz wireless flash trigger has been incorporated by noticing this set of accessories.

So this means that these accessories can work with cameras at a distance of 100m, as studio lights, or trigger off-camera flashlights.

Also, the two main elements incorporate an LED display for much easier use.

Suitable compatibility

The compatibility of this set of parts only has consideration to Nikon cameras.

However, this accessory set can be used with a Nikon D90 up to a Nikon D7100 and several models in between.

Of course, the synchronous PC port has also been incorporated for easy connection and much more convenient use at all times.

Complete kit of parts

Those who opt for this option can count on two autofocus flash units, a wireless remote control for the camera, a Speedlite, and a studio flash, including a transmitter and two receivers.

Also included are all the necessary cables for the remote control, the two complex flash diffusers, the two soft flash diffusers, and the two lens cap holders.


  • Great set of parts
  • Optimal Nikon compatibility
  • Excellent for complementing a photo studio


  • Incompatibility with other brands 

08. Neewer NW625 GN54 Great Compatibility Speedlite Flash

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Among the most convenient accessories that can be used with different cameras and manufacturers, this option is most appropriate.

People will enjoy a diverse set of options and functions by incorporating this flash accessory.

Whether it is a professional user or someone experienced, everyone will be able to get more formidable results.

High-level functionality

Incorporating this accessory makes it possible to obtain a wide variety of functions such as auxiliary focus, flash exposure compensation, overheat protection, manual flash mode, multi-flash, and many others.

Every user will also notice horizontal rotation from 0 to 270 degrees and vertical rotation up to 90 degrees.

Optimal compatibility

Those users who have DSLR cameras, mirrorless cameras, or cameras with Mi Hot Shoe will use this accessory.

Among the most popular manufacturers, this accessory can be used with Fujifilm, Pentax, Olympus, Panasonic, Nikon, and Canon.

It makes it a widely versatile and flexible addition worthy of being used for all kinds of projects.

High-level features

Once the user has the batteries to use this unit, they will consider each of the built-in options.

The eight-light exposure levels can be combined with a stable color temperature of 5600k.

At the same time, this is a fixture that prevents overheating, providing an extraordinary lifespan, and much more convenient than other options.


  • Eight flash output levels
  • Large LCD screen
  • Excellent compatibility with different brands


  • Batteries not included 

09. Neewer NW565EX E-TTL MULTI Flash Mode Slave Speedlite Kit

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Of course, Canon DSLR cameras are among the most popular cameras for beginners and experienced users.

So here is the ultimate kit of parts to incorporate the right flash for every photograph.

It is a set of efficient and high-quality components that can enhance any project and complement a photo studio.

High-quality operation

First of all, the 2.4 GHz wireless flash trigger has been incorporated.

Among these accessories, various uses can be counted on, such as studio lights, like Speedlite, and provide excellent compatibility and wireless remote control.

Besides, the central units incorporate an LCD for easier and faster selection of each of the available functions.

Comprehensive compatibility

As mentioned, the compatibility of these accessories includes a wide range of Canon DSLR models.

It means that compatibility covers some great cameras such as 60D, 400D, T3 EOS 5D Mark III, and many others.

So, users who wish to replace their Canon cameras with better models in the future will be able to use these same accessories.

Complete kit of parts

To complement a photo studio, the user will have two autofocus flash units, the 3-in-1 wireless trigger, and all the necessary cables for remote control.

Also included are soft flash diffusers, complex flash diffusers, lens cap holders, and a wide variety of high-quality features.

Here, people who opt for this set of parts will no longer need anything else.


  • Complete kit of parts
  • Optimal Canon DSLR compatibility
  • Professional-level results


  • Incompatibility with other brands 

10. Neewer TTL GN36 Wireless Master Slave Flash Speedlite

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Finally and very importantly, this device can be perfectly adaptable to a wide range of Sony cameras.

The different built-in functions manage to adapt to this type of camera for a more professional result.

That is why we have included this high-end flashlight accessory in our list.

Excellent features

At first, people will be able to count on 22 steps of output power to choose the most suitable one for every occasion.

Here you get 24 to 105mm manual flash, auto-zoom, and 210 flashes of maximum capacity.

Along with that, the recycle time is short, being only 2 seconds or less. Naturally, many other functions are also available.

Wide compatibility

As we have mentioned, this device manages to adapt specifically to Sony cameras.

Of course, the compatibility with Sony is not universal, although it includes the most popular and prominent models that users usually choose.

So, people who prefer to use Sony for different photography projects will get a better result with this flashlight accessory.

Professional-quality operation

In this case, an LCD has been incorporated, which makes it much simpler and faster to choose the different built-in functions.

In this way, you can get an excellent firmware update overheating protection power-saving mode or various customizable settings and functions.

Even the autofocus assist beam is very easy to direct for any user.


  • Great compatibility with Sony
  • 22 steps of output power
  • Easy to use LCD panel


  • No batteries included

Buying Considerations for the Neewer Flash Review

Once we have analyzed the best available options, we must pay attention to a set of basics.

These basics are the different characteristics of what a Neewer model can offer.

Considering these aspects is very important depending on the features you want to get in a camera.

Mode of use

Of course, usage modes are one of the must-have features to consider before making the final choice.

Some of the commonly incorporated methods of use are Slave S1, S2, Master, FEC, multi, manual, and TTL. These models can have particular operations that are difficult for novice users to differentiate.

However, this set of functions is incorporated in those professional quality accessories.

Beginner users, in particular, will typically use one or two of these functions. However, when it comes to users who want to get to the professional level, all of these functions are very important.

That is why it is necessary to consider flashlight accessories that can offer various usage modes.

Power output

The output power refers to the flashlight power obtained in each shot.

Considering an output power available across different levels can be a bit more convenient.

Different output power levels allow a professional user to choose the right power based on the project at hand.

Professionals know that not all photography projects require the same light intensity.

So having different output power levels allows the user to get the proper illumination at the right time.

This feature is usually available as output power or flash duration.


In this case, compatibility is one of the primary aspects to consider before choosing the wrong accessory. When a flashlight accessory is not compatible with a camera, we will have a terrible choice.

Some Neewer tt560 review accessories specialize specifically in a single brand of camera.

In these cases, we can find a wide availability to use this accessory in several brand models. On the other hand, we can also find the compatibility that incorporates several brands but few models for each brand.

However, it is universal compatibility that does not consider a wide variety of models of each brand.

In this situation, it is also necessary to consider that the flash accessory is compatible with some modes of use, such as Hot Shoe, or with some types of cameras such as DSLR cameras. 

Literally, we have acquired the right accessory for the cameras.

Included accessories

Once again, we can mention that beginner users do not usually require a wide variety of accessories when learning photography.

On the contrary, experienced users can use a wide variety of accessories to improve each photograph’s quality. 

Some of these accessories can be an automatic and wireless shutter release, remote control, soft flash or complex flash diffusers, lens cap holder, among many others.

As a user has many accessories, much more professional results can be obtained in each photographic project. However, a larger budget is also required to access a kit of many accessories.

Those who only want to get flash lighting for amateur photography probably do not need all these accessories.

LCD Display

Many accessories can incorporate an LCD as a better way for ease of use.

An LCD can offer a green or red background and different sizes. Beyond that, an LCD screen is best suited to display those functions and settings that are being chosen.

Finally, the rotation of the flashlight is essential to obtain a much more accurate result for each photograph.

Two different processes are usually incorporated, which are vertical and horizontal rotation. A vertical circuit up to 90 degrees and a horizontal rotation up to 270 degrees are included in most cases.

Neewer Flash Review

Final Words

Once we have analyzed all the data in this Neewer Flash Review, we can make a better decision.

Each of the accessories for DSLR and other types of cameras has the versatility to improve the results in a better way.

On the one hand, amateur users who want to become professionals need these accessories. Alternately, experienced users who already have these accessories will improve the results by having some of the options we have mentioned.

At the end of the day, it is a set of parts that proves to be efficient for all interested parties. Here it is not only about getting pictures with the proper lighting.

Beyond that, this set of accessories can allow a professional to have his photo studio and get significant growth in his business. It can also enable users to have much more excellent pictures to remember the best moments with friends and family.