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12 Best LED Dusk To Dawn Security Light 2024 – Outdoor Lightning

Purchasing a Dusk to Dawn Security Light will ensure that your outdoor space is safe and secure. In addition, these lights have a certain aesthetic appeal that can make the landscape and outdoors look astonishing! So, given below is a guide that you must go through to purchase the best LED Dusk to Dawn Security Light 2024!

With the myriad of product ranges available, the decision of buying the right one can be tedious, especially because you must purchase the best LED Dusk to Dawn Security Light to ensure protection and security in outdoor spaces.

 12 Best LED Dusk to Dawn Security Light in 2024

1. Torchstar LED Barn Light

Torchstar LED Barn Light


If you’re looking for a dusk to dawn light that is sensitive and waterproof, this is just perfect for you! This LED Barn light automatically switches on during the night and goes off when the sun comes out.

With the next-gen energy-saving features being incorporated, Torchstar’s LED Barn Light is a green product. In addition, Torchstar LED Barn Light has recently launched a new feature that allows its usage in wet locations. Hence, this security light will work all year long during every season.

One of the best features of this product is its high durability. It consists of aluminum cooling fins that enable an efficient heat dissipation mechanism. It also helps to prevent rusting of the device. This product is ideal for long-term use and offers seamless security in residential and commercial areas. Let us take a look at a few of the features of this product in detail.


  • Ideal for all types of location
  • Waterproof and long-lasting
  • Excellent lighting angles that can be turned 120 degrees
  • Fast and Easy installation
  • Modern and Lightweight

2. Stasun LED Flood Light

Stasun LED Flood Light


This Stasun product comes with a built-in photocell that turns on and off automatically during the day and night. This sensor technology helps you save both electricity and energy and goes easy on your electricity bill. Consisting of super bright LEDs, this light is shadow-free and anti-glare, which means you would be one step closer to securing your home and workplace.

The best part is that this product is waterproof and can be used as a driveway light, garage light, stadium light, yard light, and so on.


  • Wider-Angle lighting: 160 degrees side to side & 180 degrees up and down
  • It contains the power of three security lights
  • 90W
  • Waterproof
  • Automatic and helps in conservation of energy

3. Mr. Beams MB390

Mr. Beams MB390


This product provides ultra-bright light beams, all while using lost cost energy. It is also one of the brightest wireless products available in the market. It consists of a motion sensor that turns on and off automatically. With these lights, you will receive lighting no matter how fast or slow you go.

Designed as a weather proof product, this spotlight will prove to be reliable round the clock. Equipped with bright lights, this spotlight provides about 400 lumens of light that keep your surroundings secure and lightened up.

So, you can mount this product in your outdoor space! Let us look at more features of this product to help you with your purchase.


  • Bright LED: 400 Lumens
  • Automatic Motion Sensor
  • Works on a long battery life
  • Wireless Installation
  • In-built light sensor to prevent it from getting on during the daytime
  • Ideal for any weather conditions

4. Feit Electric

Feit Electric


The Feit Electric Half Moon LED has a timeless style that makes it an aesthetic decorative piece for your outdoor space. Not only is it efficient at brightening up its surroundings, but is also budget-friendly. The Feit Electric dusk to dawn security light consists of an auto-built photocell that switches on and off on its own.

This feature even helps to detect natural light. This product is a fusion of affordability and robustness all in one package, making it a lucrative purchase! The Rugged cast aluminum build and anti-rust coating ensure that this product does not rust and is corrosion resistant. This product also comes with weatherproof light fixtures making it waterproof as well.

This light is a high-quality product that can easily be installed into a wall, and its innovative design ensures that this product is also energy-efficient.


  • Five-year warranty
  • LED Lights and technology
  • Anti-Rust aluminum accessories
  • 5000K color temperature
  • Security Wall Lights

5. Kadision LED Flood Light

Kadision LED Flood Light


If you’re looking for something that you can use both indoors and outdoors, you must check out this product! It is known for its excellent performance, efficiency, and durability. Like the other products, this product also has an in-built photocell system that helps the lights to turn on and off automatically.

Its design and compatibility ensure that it does not rust and remains intact for longer periods. Additionally, this feature makes it apt for usage during the rainy season.

Its excellent brightness, better weatherproof performance, and compact design at a very affordable rate make it one of the best in the market. This product is ideal for all outdoor locations, including housing, commercial, and other such properties.


  • Adjustable: can be turned 180°
  • Waterproof: Ideal for any type of wet location
  • Neighbor friendly
  • Long-lasting
  • Produces 6500 lumens

6. Maxsa 40330 80LM

Maxsa 40330 80LM


This product runs on solar-powered cells and AA batteries that can be charged by sunlight. It can be used throughout the year during all seasons. This dusk to dawn security light helps to save energy while also providing great lighting. The automatic photocells incorporated inside change their light during the day and night. Through this, it can produce 80 lumens of light.

This product will not only keep your surroundings safe, but it will also light it up. You can mount it on the sidewalk, doorways, or anywhere you want more light to emerge. Some of the other notable features of this product include:


  • Solar Powered Floodlight
  • Rechargeable with AA Batteries
  • Automatic night mode activation
  • Portable, durable, and Compatibility
  • Easy to install and can be mounted at any place

Buyers Guide

It can be challenging to decide the ideal type of Security Light for your space. Before making a purchase of the LED Dusk to Dawn Security Light, there are certain factors that you need to take into consideration. However, with the help of the given buying guide, you will be able to select the best LED Dusk to Dawn Security Light.

  • Coverage Area and Power

You must analyze the area you plan on putting your Dusk to Dawn Security light in. If you’re looking for a dusk to dawn security light for your household, then it would be ideal for installing it on the entryway or the backyard.

However, if you’re planning to use these lights for commercial purposes, go for lights with higher lumens as they illuminate larger spaces. Depending on the coverage area of your security light, you will need a powerful power source. Ideally, this would be 100 – 200 Watts.

  • Sensors


You should select a product with an in-built photocell sensor. This ensures that the light turns on and off depending on the time of the day. Having this feature will make you stress less. You won’t have to keep going to switch on and off the lights. Another sensor to keep in mind is the motion sensor. This will make it easier for you. Every time someone walks past the light, it switches on. This ensures proper security at the same time.

  • Brightness

The brightness of lighting is measured in lumens. Lumen output is the visible light that a human eye can detect. The lumen output of dusk to dawn lights can range from 60 to 80 lumens to 30,000 lumens or more.

LED lights use very little electricity to provide a high level of brightness. On the other hand, traditional lighting consumes nearly as much energy as it produces lumens. As a result, LED lights have higher luminous efficiency.

Consider the area and placement when determining the best brightness for your needs. Larger spaces need lights with a higher luminosity. In general, brighter lights, starting at 5000 lumens, are required to illuminate a larger area.

  • Budget


Make sure that you have decided on a budget before going on a shopping hunt for these lights. Although dusk to dawn security lighting reduces energy consumption and thus energy costs, it is also essential to understand the cost of purchase.

To create a budget, you must first define your needs and expectations. In general, specific characteristics contribute to the cost of dusk to dawn security lights. These characteristics are the brightness level, the design or brand, and the life span.

  • Quality

Quality of dusk to dawn security lights are equally essential to look at. The certifications of a product will help you know more about the quality of the light. The main two certifications to consider are Energy Star and ETL.

These certifications will help you decide the safety, quality, and efficiency of the dusk to dawn security lights. You must know that most high-quality products are budget-friendly.

  • Material

You must look for sturdy and durable brands because they use high-quality materials for building these lights. Remember that they should be strong enough to handle any extreme weather conditions.

It would be better if you chose a product made out of Aluminum because it even helps in heat dissipation. Therefore, you will not have to worry about any internal damage.

  • Type



The type of dusk to dawn security light you choose is determined by your preferences and needs. If you already have some smart devices in your home that can be linked to the outdoor light, purchasing a smart light can be a great idea. These are not expensive and produce excellent results!

The Bottom Line

When choosing the best LED Dusk to Dawn Security Light, you need to find the perfect one! It must have a pre-build photocell; it should be of high-quality and effectively illuminate its surroundings. These next-generation products have revolutionized the lights industry and depicted how innovation can solve energy problems.

By reading this guide, you will obtain the necessary information to make an informed purchase decision to select the best-LED Dusk to Dawn Security Light.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is Dusk to Dawn Light?

Dusk to Dawn Light refers to the lights that turn on and off depending on the sun. Therefore, these lights come alive and glow with the setting sun, and when the sun rises, these lights automatically turn off.

  • Can you adjust the dusk to dawn sensors?

Certain dust to dawn lights allow you to adjust the sensors present. However, you will need a LUX screw to do so. Depending on the symbols available at the backside of the product, you can understand the instructions. You can rotate the screw as per the instructions to adjust the sensors.

  • How many lumens do you need for a dusk to dawn light?

The number of lumens entirely depends on the type of dusk to dawn light and the purpose they are being used for. For example, you will require around 100-200 lumens for path lighting, 12-100 lumens for step lighting, and 700-1300 lumens for floodlights.

  • How long do LED dusk to dawn lights last?

These lights comfortably last for around ten years after getting installed, and their life span directly depends on the wattage. For example, if you are using a LED dusk to dawn light of 45 or 70 watts, you can expect these bulbs to glow for 50,000 hours.

  • What color light is best for dusk to dawn security?

The ideal type of light that you can use for a dusk to dawn security light is white. The brighter the light, the better the security during the night. These lights could be in the color temperature range between 4600K – 6500 K.

  • Why should you purchase dusk to dawn light made up of aluminum?

Answer: Dusk to Dawn security lights made of aluminum ensure optimum quality. This means that aluminum prevents lights from overheating. Besides, it is also lightweight and corrosion-resistant.