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10 Best Lighting For Barber Shop 2024 – Change the Shop’s Vibe

A barber shop is not just about scissors and talented stylists and barbers; it is also about the lighting set that can break or make your barber shop. Choosing the right lights can not only make an aesthetic statement that can charm your customers, but it can also simplify your stylists’ job! So, if you are wondering where you can find the best lighting for barber shop, you are at the right place!

From complimenting your decor to avoiding shadows that can impede your stylist’s job, this guide covers everything!

Top Lighting For Barber Shop Review

1. UBeesize Selfie Ring Light


UBeesize Selfie Ring Light


Featuring three light modes: warm light, cool white, and daylight, this UBeesize selfie light ring is perfect for makeup and styling hair. Each light mode comes with eleven different brightness levels, which means you would be availing about 33 different lighting options to choose from!

Whether it is during the brightness of the day, where you need the light to be dimmer while styling your client’s hair, or after the sunset, where you need brighter light, this product can provide you with all the settings.

Designed to be a source of flexible lighting, this perfect dimmable lighting can eliminate any shadows obstructing your view! This ring light proves to be extremely handy in a barber’s shop.

Apart from being useful while cutting hair or creating a fine cut on the beard, this light ring can also boost the aesthetics of any videos that you might shoot.

Features :

  • Rotatable phone holder that provides multiple angles of lighting.
  • Upgraded tripod stand with quick-flip flops
  • Built from high-grade aluminum and highly adjustable

2. Adjustable & Stable Tripod

Adjustable & Stable Tripod


You can use it for Facebook live, YouTube live, Instagram live, video chat, Livestream, and other video recordings. This lighting adds a warm touch to your face and shows your style. It is also an excellent alternative to traditional fluorescent lamps.

It also helps you achieve diffused and soft lighting, which is great for cutting hair, shaving, or doing other work in the barber shop. It is small in size but provides the perfect amount of light that can be adjusted.


  • The flexible tripod is the best solution for those who are always on the go.
  • Long battery life.
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Power control

3. LPHUMEX Led Vanity Mirror Lights

LPHUMEX Led Vanity Mirror Lights


If your client gets satisfied with the look on his chair, you have definitely scored a tip! If mirror and chair combination play the most crucial role, why modify the space with special lighting? LED vanity mirror light strips are probably the best portable lights to place on any mirror border.

Since the reflection brightens with 360-degree lighting, the facial complexion and features look clear and pronounced. This LED strip has a smart touch dimmer to change the brightness according to the client’s preferences. Though it’s bright white, the intensity is well-controlled and perfect for kids!

Even if you happen to replace the mirrors with new designs or don’t find the lights suitable, you can pull them out as they are only stuck with adhesives. Explore and use lights with warm and welcoming shades of temperature lighting to avoid glaring irritation and unwanted shadows on your client’s face.


  • LED lights with bright white shade.
  • Waterproof lights to withstand sprays.
  • Removable light strip with adhesive backing.
  • It can be cut to adjust the length.

4. MEIXISUE Gold Modern Sputnik Chandelier Light Fixtures

. MEIXISUE Gold Modern Sputnik Chandelier Light Fixtures


As much as you work for glam and fashion, your studio should also have an overall glamorous look with a professional touch. Overhead or ceiling lights are definitely a must as they uplift the entire salon space with a uniform glow.

Ceiling chandeliers with multiple bulbs help spread the glow instead of concentrating it on your client’s face, which can blend their features well. Nordic lights, especially warm-shaded glass globe lights, are the most suitable as they can fuse with the architectural design of your studio.

You can have them at the entrance, above the hair washing basins, or even the mirrors. The chandelier is 31.1 x 49.6 x 31.1 inches in dimensions and holds six gold-shaded LED bulbs to spread uniform light all around. This metallic chandelier comes with an installation guide, which can help you adjust the length according to the ceiling height.


  • Adjustable lamp rods.
  • Standard size suitable for 750 feet room height.
  • The product has a three-year warranty.
  • Multiple bulb sockets.

5. LED Video Soft Light Panel Kit

LED Video Soft Light Panel Kit


Being the best fit for uniform lighting and most suitable for photography and videography, this LED studio light set is certainly the one your salon should have. This advanced lighting system has adjustable shades from warm light to bright white light to let you use them at any hour of the day.

Unlike the traditional LED light Bowens, these panels offer bi-color LED light choices to select among bright white and warm glow. They are ergonomically designed with dual power supply modes, compatible with both batteries and adapter power supply.

You can set up these stands at a suitable hand distance when you are dying hair, adding streaks, or working on a fancy haircut. The screens can adjust in both vertical or horizontal positions, and you can change the brightness settings using the remote.

Beyond these dashing features, the panel also has an in-built LCD at the back to display the brightness levels and other settings. Prolonged use is not an issue as there are sufficient cooling holes for better heat dissipation.


  • It offers a brightness memory to be set according to the last use.
  • Height and lamp adjustments are available.
  • Portable studio light setup to shift places or set up on a table.
  • Remote control available.
  • The package also has two spare remotes.

Buyers Guide


By now, you surely must have understood the crucial role that lighting plays in enhancing your business and your stylist’s abilities. Today aesthetics matter as much as the work output of the stylists in your barbershop. With thousands of products flooding the market, making this decision becomes arduous. Therefore, read this guide to determine what aspects you must consider before finalizing the proper lighting for you!


It is pretty obvious that the customers visit the shop regularly if the services are good. But it is crucial for the customer to like the shop’s ambiance. A pleasant atmosphere creates a feeling of comfort. This ensures that the customers are compelled to re-visit the shop again and encourages them to recommend it to their friends.

While we know that white light makes things look clear and bright, warm lights make the skin look better by concealing blemishes and flaws. This makes the customer look better and attracts them to visit the shop more frequently.

By fixing lights of adjustable intensities in the right spots, you can change the shop’s vibe to a whole new level. These lights can also be altered according to the day’s timings and hence can contribute to saving on the electricity charges.

Vanity Lights

Vanity lights are a perfect investment for a barbershop as they are fitter to the mirror’s edges and hence do not need additional space. They play an important role in focusing the critical features of the customer’s face and thus provide a better understanding of the type of hairstyle one must get.

It also helps the stylist look into the mirror with much better lighting and thus style with ease. They act as a fashion element and give the feel of a professional hair styling room.

As these lights directly focus on the face of the customer, it is suggested to have them in warmer colors. A bright white light would make the skin look pale and lifeless. In contrast, the warmer colors compliment the customer’s face and thus make it look more lively.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights amp up the interiors of the barbershop while not eating up the space. They come in different shapes and sizes and can be found in dim lighting tones too. These can be selected according to the dimensions of the shop and can be fitted even at the corners of the ceilings.

Pendant lights thus can be fitted at places that are left unused and give a touch of elegance to the entire space. However, one must choose the right place to install them as they can not further be moved elsewhere.

Ring Lights

Ring lights are advantageous as they are flexible and can be focused on a particular region of choice. They usually come along with a long stand that can be adjusted to different heights so that you can use it according to your needs.

It is advised to buy ring lights of adjustable light intensities and colors. They are pretty helpful for photography purposes as they can be brought close to the subject and thus add a pop of color to the desired region that is to be focussed.

Lights to Accentuate Features

If you want to highlight any particular section of your barbershop, you can use lights to create the effects. For example, if you want to display a specific product on your shelf, you can use colored lighting to attract your customers’ eyes to that section.

You can also customize a phrase or slogan for your barbershop using neon light sign bars. You can use soft fairy and LED lights to accentuate any desired area.

The Bottom Line

So, we have come to the end of this article that covered the top 5 picks of best lighting for your barber shop. With these being installed in your shop, you will find a magnificent enhancement in the aesthetics and beauty of your shop.

What’s more, is it will also appeal to your existing and potential customers. Another advantage is that these lightings can be used for myriads of purposes, such as making beauty videos for Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Since these lights create a gorgeous look with the help of the best lighting technology, you can also sit in Instagram Live sessions or video chats with your customers!.

Frequently Asked Questions


Should you use ring lights?

Yes! The ring light is a beauty tool that has been used for many years to take professional quality photos of all kinds. You can use the ring light in your barbershop and attract new customers to visit your business. The ring light is an excellent tool for video chatting with customers, friends, and family. It is also a great tool for Facebook live, youtube live, and Instagram live to add a warm touch to your face and show your style.

Why should you use ring lights instead of traditional ones?

A ring light is a lighting instrument used in beauty barber shops that produce soft and diffused lighting, which is great for cutting hair, shaving, makeup, and other beauty videos. It is an excellent replacement for traditional fluorescent lamps because they use an incandescent lamp as their source, and their color temperatures lie between 2700K and 3000K which makes the hair look dull and lifeless.

What type of lights should your barber shop have?

Lights in a barber’s shop are crucial as they improve the ambiance and eventually reflect the customer’s satisfaction. Lights can be used in the waiting lounges, hair washing areas, or around the mirrors for various purposes. You can prefer modern designs and chandeliers with warm shaded bulbs to give out an elegant look and peaceful comfort. They can focus on long-lasting LEDs that are more efficient and easy to maintain.

How can effective lights in a barber’s shop enhance its business value?

A barber’s skill and stylish creativity mark the salon’s brand and business. If the clients are satisfied with their look and customer service, they are surely going to recommend the business. Lights play an important role in interior designing which elevates the look and appearance of the salon.

Additionally, proper lighting around the mirrors ensures no shadows on the face, which highlights the features and smoothens the complexion. Thus, barbers should focus on appropriate light setups to please their customers easily.