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5 Best Light / Laser for Glock 19 – 2024 Guide

Glock Handguns are utilized by a range of professional, recreational, or competitive shooters. Therefore, along with your Glock, you require a light or laser for superb performance. Nevertheless, several lasers and lights are available, making it tough to choose the best light/laser for Glock 19.

The handgun model Glock 19 is a tinier and more closely packed kind of handgun model Glock 17, which includes a barrel plus semi-automatic pistol for quicker operation. Its adjustable light aids in finding the target during the day and night time.

Top 5 Lights / Lasers For Glock 19

Streamlight TLR-6 Tactical Pistol Mount

Streamlight TLR 6 Tactical Pistol Mount

It is the best Glock tactical light which includes a laser and is available in a black box. It provides one and a half hours of continuous run time. This pistol has a red laser for a faraway range aiming plus an advanced yet effective beam of light along with tangential illumination. The light can remain affixed to the gun when you extract and substitute the battery without any tools.

It weighs less than 2 pounds. The flashlight from the product ascends to the ignition guard of the gun. Push buttons on the sides permit quick dexterous usage of the Streamlight subcompact gun which is featherweight and has a red laser.

The mount can be quickly attached or detached from the flank of the armament. It permits the unit to maintain a zero level when located throughout the entire procedure.

Its merits are lifetime guarantee plus it is attractive to look at whether it is connected or not connected, its counteractive nature towards shock and the presence of push buttons for LED only, LED and Laser Combined and Laser only modes.

However, the demerits are that its batteries are without a searchlight, one or two-hour durability, minimum operating time, installation, and detachment and removal.


  • Created in a manner that can be attached to rail and trigger guards of a few Glock models with factory rails.
  • Featherweight plus closely packed.
  • Swift battery removal facility once the light gets mounted on the pistol.
  • Lasers need not be re-sighted after a battery change.
  • Acclivity and wind-exposure accommodation screws fixed into brass bushings for long life.
  • Calculable zero accumulation of laser.

Streamlight 69240 TL4 Compact Rail Mounted Tactical Light with Laser View

Streamlight 69240 TL4 Compact Rail Mounted Tactical Light with Laser View

This tactical light is nothing short of top-notch, considering its fittingly luminous plus long-lasting nature. Moreover, it comes with a three voltage bulb. The size of the light is ideal, expanding the muzzle out to some extent, and fits well with any handgun.

Furthermore, the clamp of the fence can swiftly get attached or detached from the side of the weapon. The case body of the light gets manufactured with a polymer that can have a massive impact which comes in handy for engineering purposes.

The flashlight’s face cap gets produced with the same type of aluminum that gets utilized to make a 6,000 series aircraft with a black anodized finish. It is produced from a glass lens of borofloat whose heat is high and has a lifespan of 50000 hours.

This light has 5000 c plus elevated illumination power and an estimated system output of 110 lumens. It also includes a translucent and curved reflector that manufactures a hefty illumination utilizing a classic tangential beam.

It has a red laser of 640-660nm that aids in ballistic aiming plus controlled power.

When the flashlight operates for 1.5 hours, a 10% output level can be achieved through the LED only and LED plus laser modes and the same output level in eleven hours using the method of laser only. Plus, it closely equips a broad spectrum of lances with the kit of keys.

The handgun is easy to preserve. You are only required to cleanse the light or laser lens for extracting remnants following every use.

The product does not weigh more, can be quickly installed, is made with a high-quality polymer, and can be operated in LED only, Laser and LED, and Laser only modes.

But the plastic clamps are weak, it lacks a sodium light, and the plastic rail attachment portion ruptures upon tightening it.


  • Excessively featherweight plus closely packed.
  • C4 LED is used to operate it.
  • Expert momentary or steady switch.
  • Single-Handed Snapping or Compressed Intersection for swift plus unassailable ascending.
  • Laser Product of IIIR Class which can provide an output of 5mw power.

Aimkon Highlight LED Strobe Flashlight P10s Pistol

Aimkon Highlight LED Strobe Flashlight P10s Pistol

If you are hunting for anything inexpensive yet adaptable, the Aimcon Taclite might be suitable. It can be attached to Glock models and several other pistol brands that are closely packed and have a rail. The flashlight also has a quick detachment procedure from the gun. It is also one of the most fragile, brightest, and a flashlight that gets easily attached to a pistol.

The flashlight has a one-year warranty period, comprises a broad field of luster, it is budget-friendly and highly cost-effective, it can be easily attached to absolutely every Picatinny gun plus the light of its rail is featherweight which has a sturdy aluminum make.

Nevertheless, the product is durable but comprises a low-quality battery searchlight, and it is not reflexive while doing the attachment.


  • Light is of CREE XM-L2 LED U3 with a 10,000-hour life.
  • The constant on-off switch has a searchlight mode that can give an output of 500 lumens.
  • Weaver Mount that gets attached to four-inch or five-inch barrel handguns.
  • It comprises a 1* CR123A battery that is lithium-based.
  • Dimensions are 3.1-inch Length, 1.0-inch Width, and 1.1-inch height with a weight of 2.70 ounces.

Streamlight 69260 Tactical Flashlight, TLR1 HL Weapon Mount

Streamlight 69260 Tactical Flashlight TLR1 HL Weapon Mount

The flashlight is amongst the bestseller brands of planned flashlights. Additionally, the weapons stun us with their closely packed, featherweight plus IPX7 waterproof body and a high temperature that is 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

The product gets operated by two lithium-based batteries that are 3V CR123A. It also gets provided a serial number that makes it simple to find plus the product is available with an unlimited lifetime.

It is an aluminum-based product made with the same kind of aluminum used to create a 6000 series aircraft that comes with an anodized finish plus a shock-mounted glass lens. It comes with a restrained battery door plus latch instrument that aids in simple battery replacement.

The expansive beam design illuminates broad areas which may support you in determining who is near you. The Tar Optic provides a heavy beam that has sufficient tangential luster.

It fastens onto a wide range of weapons and encompasses a set of keys for Glock, Beretta 90two, Picatinny, S&W TSW, MIL-STD-1913 (Picatinny), and S&W 99 rails.

The flashlight includes a lifetime guarantee, easy battery substitution that can run for an hour and a half, and adequate auxiliary visibility yet it is very luminous for home defense purposes.


  • Shockproof C4 LED that delivers 1000 lumens.
  • Highest Illumination Intensity of 12000 Candela.
  • Operation Time of 1.5 hours.
  • Searchlight has a constant on and off switch.
  • Searchlight switches get switched off by a finger movement away from it.
  • One-handed composite or tightening interface that would not require hand usage to attach or detach the muzzle.

Streamlight 69245 TLR-4 Compact Rail Mounted Tactical Light

Streamlight 69245 TLR 4 Compact Rail Mounted Tactical Light

The Tactical Light has a broad operating arena that has a high-authority polymer make that can be effortlessly attached to closely packed pistols. The product can also be attached to several handguns along with the available rails in the market plus additionally, a kit of keys likewise gets provided with that. It glows like a radiant 5200-candela level shaft, also called a hundred and fifty lumens.

The product produces a 10% output level on LED only or laser plus LED modes in 1.75 hours and it takes an hour on laser only mode. Its polished parabolic reflector creates a potent shaft with sufficient incidental beam. Additionally, it produces monitored power.

This product includes a user-customizable searchlight. And its optic aids in forming illumination with a sufficient external beam. It permits tethering to the light-bearing holsters.

It is waterproof and gets operated by two CR123A lithium batteries that are 8.61 centimeters and 122.5 grams.


  • The Key kit helps it to fit a wide variety of weaponry.
  • Operates on Technology that is C4 LED-based
  • Red and green laser that is 640-660 nm and aids in long-distance targeting.
  • Extremely featherweight plus closely packed.
  • Temporary or persistent on-off switch.
  • Provision of serial numbers for easy identification.

Buyers Guide

Before buying a Glock light/laser, one must address certain factors! There are, of course, a myriad of options available in the market, and as a result, it is not always easy to pinpoint the ones that are most suited to your requirements. So, we have listed a few factors that you might want to consider before buying!

  • Measurements And Design

When deciding on which tactical flashlight you would like to use, the dimensions and design are important factors to contemplate about. Each Glock can accommodate different gun models. They also aid in controlling hands flexibly as they won’t be lengthier compared to a pistol cask. Since the rails can be joined together, a good connection can be built which makes work easier.

  • Weight

As a pistol cask slants forward, it can cause the gun to forsake stability. A Glock light that is featherweight and does not affect the overall weight of the handgun should be chosen.

  • Ease Of Usage

You don’t want a light/laser that is not easy to install on your Glock! There are only a handful of laser light combos that make use of a manual switch point, as the others often come with an automatic switch.

  • Illumination

The best option to select is not always the one with the highest lumens. When settling on the illumination setting, you will be required to understand the way you will be utilising the handgun light. Homeowners normally opt for the highest luminescence levels, and this may not always serve them best if they do not consider how they will be putting it to use.

  • Laser Beam’s Range

A long-range laser is perfect to aim at a faraway mark. Laser and Light Combinations present diverse ranges to choose from.

  • Objective

The objective for buying a gun flashlight could be holding arrangements otherwise legal administration could aid while purchasing it. For shooting and house security purposes, a robust plus endurable product is required. Additionally, for battle plus target destruction purposes, a flashlight with many purposes including the laser will be required.

  • Reliability

The material used in construction is crucial to consider to find a durable light or laser. A long-lasting flashlight should be preferred. It’s pricey to buy yet a worthwhile purchase.

The Bottom Line

The Glock 19 handgun is one of the finest-concealed handguns of all periods. It has been proven to be a famous modern firearm due to its fantastic mix of endurance, steadfastness, plus destruction. It being closely packed plus relaxed, the configuration is one of the famous guns you can buy.

Let’s aim to enhance our vision by elevating the trigger drag using the finest Glock 19 flashlight. I fancy these top five flashlights can satisfy your necessities plus be helpful.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the battery type of a Streamlight 69245 Tactical Light?

The Streamlight 69245 Tactical Light works with a lithium battery created of CR2.

Can the 69260 Tactical Light of Streamlight get attached to CZ 75 b?

A high probability exists that it will get attached to CZ 75 b. Several keys are available on the flashlight that can aid in fitting a rail on the handgun. The product’s documentation does not clearly state a CZ key is incorporated, yet it is fixable to only one of the five keys present.

Can the Smith and Wesson rail system with MP 2.0 9mm be affixed by a Streamlight 69260 tactical light?

The Smith and Wesson rail system with MP 2.0 9mm can be affixed with a Streamlight 69260 tactical light.

Can the M&P 9mm be affixed with a Streamlight 69260 Tactical Light?

The 69260 Tactical Light of Streamlight is available with a rail key that can fit any pistol along with a rail.