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Miranda’s Daily Blog: Day 131

Remember in mid-december at the start of The Observer Tree project, we captured footage of a devil we believed was carrying food to babies in its den? Well, guess what? Now we have captured footage of a juvenile devil! It looks like this baby devil is of the age that it would have been born early last year and would have been in the den until recently. So, it is highly likely that this little cub is Davina the Devil’s baby!

It is absolutely CUTE! Check out the footage:

At this age they would have left the den and be out exploring the world. Finding food for themselves, using their nose like a super-smelling-detector to find dead mammals, birds and insects. Dispersing young often are playful like puppies and play fight and wrestle – and are more nimble than their adult counterparts. However, this playfulness can lead them to misadventure such as getting hit by vehicles at dusk and dawn.

This time of year is breeding season for devils. This devil is too young for reproduction, but will be old enough by this time next year.At this time some mature female devils may have jelly bean sized young already – which will be permanently attached to the teat for about the next 5 months! Then mum has to find a safe den to house them in when she goes foraging for food.

Seeing this little baby devil on film, bouncing around exploring the world… I feel overcome with a sense of happiness. This little one was very lucky and might not have survived. Logging began in this coupe on December 13th 2011. The day after we captured the footage of the mama devil. At the time I felt so worried about the possibilities that somewhere in this coupe was a den full of baby devils and if we couldn’t stop the logging continuing then those babies might be crushed and trapped under falling logs and machinery. Thankfully, after a week of logging the machines left and haven’t returned yet. I don’t know for sure, but I have a feeling that the reason they haven’t continued with their plan to log this coupe is to avoid the public exposure that would result from logging while I watch from The Observer Tree. If I wasn’t here, would this whole coupe have been clearfelled by now? Would this baby devil have survived?

I feel even more determined to stay up here until this forest is protected. I hope that this devil will spend its life oblivious to the logging industry… I hope that this area will be protected into the future. I hope that next year this little devil will be safe and maybe having babies of its own. I hope that generations of devils will live and survive in this forest.

I hope you feel the same sense of happiness as me when you watch the footage of this little devil. My fellow Still Wild Still Threatened members will continue to monitor this area with remote-sensor cameras. So chances are we might see this young one again! In that case, perhaps we should give him/ her a name? Any suggestions?

Ha, I feel like a proud mum….. And a protective mum too. Because certainly this little one is going to need us to protect it. It’s time to let the government and Ta Ann know that this logging madness has to end. We cannot stand by and let them destroy this baby devils home!

Check out (and share) this short film I made explaining the significance of this footage and the reasons why it is now critical to protect these forests:

Environment groups in Tasmania have created a Fact Sheet, detailing the findings of the Jonathon West report about Tasmanian devils. You can download it here: Tas Devil Fact Sheet.

Miranda’s Daily Blog: Day 122

Hope you enjoy this  film. I actually took this footage a little while ago, so technically it is not a description of day 122. But I thought you might like another video blog to see what everyday life is like up in the tree sit.

Today was the most perfect sunny day. I climbed around from branch to branch to make the most of it … chasing the sunshine around the tree! And now with the sun down, the night sky is offering a very spectacular display of stars. I might take my swag out from underneath the tarp and fall asleep looking at the stars!

Talk again tomorrow,

Miranda’s Daily Blog: Day 118

It snowed again!

So, I thought I would put together a little video of footage I recorded on day 100, the first snow day. Thanks to the lovely people at the Hobart Computer Repairs shop who donated their time to retrieve the data from my computer and hard-drive that were damaged on that night… Now I have been able to salvage that footage to show you how beautiful this forest is in the snow. I also have recovered the blog that I was writing for you on that day. Here it is:

“I had this dream last night. I awoke in the middle of the night marvelling at the insights of my dream. I was sure I’d never forget it. But  when I woke in the morning I had no recollection of any of it. What I did remember was the thoughts that it inspired, the lessons I must have learnt from the dream, that I had lay awake turning over in my mind. I had been thinking about the importance of appreciating every moment for what it is. Not wanting it to be more or less. Not being distracted by thoughts of the future or the past. Not wishing to be somewhere else, doing something different. It was all about staying present and mindful. In a way it lead me to think about not just appreciating the moment, but really noticing it. I guess that is a form of meditation, in some ways. It was after these middle of the night epiphanies, that I awoke to one of the most splendid mornings in the world! And I was able to put those thoughts into practise as I spent time watching the snow falling. It is so mesmerizing, snow falling. It is like magic. The way it drifts through silently. The way the forest looks in the snow is like something out of a fairy tale.

Today we had all kinds of snow: snow mixed with rain that is more like sludge, light fluffy snow meandering weightlessly through the sky, heavy pelting snow driven at full force by the wind, hail bouncing off the platform. Sometimes the wind swirled the snow, ripping it through the air, it felt like being in the middle of a blizzard. And other times it was so silent and soft. The intermittent rain meant that the snow didn’t settle on the forest. But in the brief moments when the clouds relinquished their grip of the mountain tops around me, I could see the thick white blanket covering the ridges.

That’s how I spent my 100th day. Watching the snow fall. Staying present in every moment, appreciating every snow-flake that I could lay my eyes on. My toes and fingers a little numb. But happy and content all the same.”

Hope you all had a great Easter weekend. I had such a nice time, with lots of visits from people who were out attending the skillshare at Camp Florentine. And thank you to all the people who couldn’t make it out, but sent along notes and letters of support! What a lovely weekend of snow, visitors and of course chocolate!


Miranda’s Daily Blog: Day 17 & 18

Please join me on a grand tour of my house up here in the tree tops of Mount Mueller!


For some, a virtual tour is just not enough and they had to come take a peek for themselves. Here’s the police helicopter coming for a bit of a look yesterday morning.


Hope you enjoyed the view into my life up here in the tree sit.I have done a combined day 17 and 18 blog for you today, because otherwise I’m starting to get a day behind! I wanted to give you something not too heavy for this celebratory New Year’s Eve time. That’s why I made you a little video blog about my home. But while I was doing this and contemplating the clear-fells in the distance… It’s got me reflecting on what 2011 has been like for the forests. I starting thinking about how that very clearfell I can see from here was once an amazing old growth forest, which should have been protected through the Statement Of Principles process. A moratorium should have been in place before the negotiations were allowed to continue. What is the point of talking for two years about protecting the forest if you are destroying it every day during that time? So, I thought I’d share with you a little video from a tour of that area of clearfells down there, in March this year. It’s a little sad, so maybe if you are in a happy New Year’s vibe you can save this one for a day when you need a reminder about why it is we need to keep up this fight for the forests.


Hope you all have a great night tonight. I will be enjoying seeing the new year in from this spectacular viewpoint. It will be nice to welcome 2012 from the  top of this tree in this beautiful forest. Good bye to 2011: the official “international year of the forests”. And welcome to a new year that will hopefully become the real international year of the forests- the year in which these forests and forests across the world get the protection they so dearly need.

Talk to you again in 2012!
Happy New Year!


Miranda’s Daily Blog: Day 15

Following on from my Day 14 Blog, I made this little film for you, to show the process of checking up and monitoring the fauna cameras. My apologies for the late post, I had some power problems last night, but I’ve got the computer going again this morning. Make sure you check the website again this evening, because I am working on a very exciting blog for today… about something very interesting captured on film from one of our fauna cameras! So stay tuned!
Till Then, hope you enjoy the film.

Miranda’s Daily Blog: Day 12

Video: Santa’s Tree Top Visit

Miranda’s Daily (Video) Blog – Day 7

Watch Miranda’s Day 7 Blog on video and get a tour of daily life up in the ObserverTree:

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