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Media Release: Australia’s longest running tree sit set to continue indefinitely

Miranda Gibson, who has been at the top of a tree for 318 days, is today making a commitment to stay in the tree, despite the failure of the forest talks to reach an agreement.

“The failure of the talks brings even greater uncertainty for Tasmania’s world class forests. And with it uncertainty about how long I will need to remain at the top of this tree” said Miranda Gibson.

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Media Release: Threatened Tasmanian forests left open for destruction

Conservation groups Still Wild Still Threatened and Huon Valley Environment Centre are today renewing their commitment to continue their campaigns for forest protection, in the wake of the forest talks collapse.

“The failure of the talks does not mean that the industry can bury its head in the sand and continue to entrench native forest destruction. The reality of global market pressures cannot be ignored and the controversy over Tasmania’s wood supply will continue,” Still Wild Still Threatened’s spokesperson Miranda Gibson stated.

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Media Release: Conservationists seek answers from timber company as forest negotiations continue

Veneer stacked up at Ta Ann mill

Conservationists are today calling on timber company Ta Ann to provide details of their trials of lower quality, smaller and plantation logs that were held in June. As Federal Minister Tony Burke returns to Tasmania this weekend in an attempt to finalise the forest negations, the question of Ta Ann’s future role in native forest logging remains unanswered.

Tasmania’s Forest Minister Bryan Green announced in June that Ta Ann was conducting trials in smaller and lower quality peeler logs. Green stated at the time that a permanent change at the Ta Ann rotary veneer mills could free up forests for reservations under the state’s forest talks to reduce native forest logging.

The Huon Valley Environment Centre and Still Wild Still Threatened are seeking an announcement by the Malaysian timber company about the results of these trials, as they hope that the company has found a way to use wood supply from plantations and we expect forests to get protected

“Ta Ann’s wood supply demands have stood in the way of forest protection. They company’s continued utilisation of wood sourced from high conservation value areas was identified as a key driver for ongoing logging in the proposed forests, logging was not rescheduled out of these areas. The result of which has been the destruction of vast areas of independently verified national and world heritage value forests” said Jenny Weber of the Huon Valley Environment Centre.

Forest in the Picton Valley: logged recently to supply wood to Ta Ann.

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Media Release: Tasmania stands in solidarity with Sarawak.

Members of environment groups Huon Valley Environment Centre and Still Wild Still Threatened, are gathering outside Hydro Tasmania’s Davey Street offices in Hobart to stand in solidarity with native Sarawakians protesting against the construction of the Murum dam in Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo. Ten members have stationed themselves outside the building and are displaying a banner that reads “Hydro Tas: Damning Sarawak”.

The Murum dam will flood nearly 250 sq. km and will displace at least 1400 native people from their traditional lands. The dam construction, overseen by Sarawak Energy, is being facilitated by Hydro Tasmania, which is providing assistance to Sarawak Energy in the form of knowledge and expertise.

“Approximately three hundred native Sarawakians have been blocking the construction works at the Murum dam in the Malaysian rainforest for three weeks. They decided to blockade the routes to the construction site after they learnt they faced forced resettlement, the terms of which they are still in the dark about. They have vowed to remain at the blockade until they are properly consulted and their concerns are addressed in full,” said Ali Alishah, spokesperson for Huon Valley Environment Centre. Read the rest of this entry

Media Release: Still Wild Still Threatened vows to continue campaigning against Ta Ann’s forest destruction

Still Wild Still Threatened are today raising concerns for the future of Tasmania’s forests, after the uncovering of secret letters sent from some environment groups to Ta Ann’s customers. The letters called on the customers to not make any decisions regarding their contracts with Ta Ann.

The letters that were sent to Ta Ann’s customers undermine the campaign for forest protection, because they are calling on those customers to sit on the fence while the destruction of our ecosystems continues unabated” said Miranda Gibson, spokesperson for Still Wild Still Threatened.

The forest negotiations have to-date failed to deliver any conservation outcomes that were promised and as a result high conservation value forests are being lost daily in Tasmania. Ta Ann are continuing to receive wood sourced from this destruction” said Ms Gibson. Read the rest of this entry

Media Release: Forestry industry duplicity undermines goodwill

Environment groups are outraged by the revelation reported in The Australian today of double dealing by the Forest Industries Association of Tasmania (FIAT), who are pursuing an alternative arrangement with the Liberal Party to the current forest agreement negotiations. This arrangement would not protect any new forest reserves but lock in logging whilst quashing markets activity and protest actions.

“This bad faith by the forest industry is undermining good will and shows that they are not serious about protecting high conservation value forests in Tasmania – they only want to silence those who are campaigning for our magnificent forests whilst giving loggers a guarantee they can go for broke,” said Jenny Weber of the Huon Valley Environment Centre.

“FIAT and the Liberals cobbling together an alternative deal is threatening the durability of forest outcomes. Our reaction to this duplicity and evident intention to renege on forest protection is that we no longer feel compelled to sit on the sidelines when the forces against forests are as busy as ever and taking people of goodwill for a ride,” said Peg Putt of Markets for Change.

“On one hand we have a call for sawmillers to voluntarily exit the forests and on the other their leading representative, Glenn Britton, is organising to entrench them and rebuff forest protection. It is becoming clear that these individuals are not genuinely committed to a world class reserves outcome, just manoeuvring for advantage,” said Ula Majewski of The Last Stand.

“My reason for continuing my stand in the Observer Tree has unfortunately been reinforced by today’s revelations. Tasmania’s high conservation value forests need urgent protection, and it is concerning that some elements of the industry may be looking to further entrench forest destruction,” said Miranda Gibson of Still Wild Still Threatened, from the Observer Tree.

Media Release: Conservationists concerned about delays in forest protection

Media Release: 15 – 08 – 2012

Today’s announcement from the signatories to the forest negotiations has added uncertainty to the future of forest protection in Tasmania. Environment groups Still Wild Still Threatened and the Huon Valley Environment Center are raising concerns about the failure of negotiations to deliver conservation outcomes.

“Today’s announcement has left the future of Tasmania’s world-class forests uncertain. The interim agreement has given no clear outcomes or commitment to protect the full verified area that has been recommended for protection as world heritage and national heritage value forest. The forest that I have been living in for the past eight months remains under threat, as logging of high conservation value forests appear set to continue in the immediate future” said Miranda Gibson of Still Wild Still Threatened.

“Today’s announcement is yet another delay that will see key areas of high conservation value forest logged while talks continue over the coming weeks. This is nothing more than the window dressing as the critical issues have not been addressed. In the forest logging continues in areas with conservation values. Ta Ann continue to be a key driver of this logging, while misrepresenting the source of their timber in international markets. Tasmania’s forests need secure conservation outcomes immediately. Nothing else will suffice” said Jenny Weber of the Huon Valley Environment Center.

Media Release: Environment groups worried about Forests Agreement failure to reach deadline.

Still Wild Still Threatened and Huon Valley Environment Centre are expressing concern about the Tasmanian Forests Agreement failing to be reach a resolution yet.

“It’s worrying that an agreement has not been reached. We hope there will not be any concessions made on the full reserve ask and secure conservation outcomes. We are hopeful this process will provide significant conservation gains. At this final stage as agreement between the forestry industry and some environment groups is appearing difficult, we hope that the threatened forests with important conservation values are not left open for logging,” Huon Valley Environment Centre’s Jenny Weber said.

“With the government’s failure to implement a moratorium, every day that talks continue more and more of the  high conservation value forest that is the subject of those talks is in fact being lost to logging. We remain hopeful that a resolution will be reached soon that will see an end to the destruction of these forests. It is critical for the conservation of Tasmania’s unique environment that the full verified area of world heritage and national heritage value forests receives formal legislated protection” said Miranda Gibson spokesperson for Still Wild Still Threatened.

Media Release: Tree sitter renews commitment after visit from Bob Brown.

 24- 07 -2012

On the day that that IGA process was due to deliver an outcome for Tasmania’s forests, long time environmentalist and former federal senator, Dr. Bob Brown, visited Miranda Gibson’s tree-sit in the threatened Tyenna Valley. Dr. Brown made the 60 meter ascent to the reach the platform on which Ms Gibson has been living for the past seven months. The pair discussed the forests and the future of Tasmania, over a cup of teatop tea.

“Today I am making a renewed commitment to my stay in the Observer Tree. There was some hope that yesterday a deal would be reached between industry and environment groups that would bring an end to the logging of high conservation value forests. However, there has been no such agreement so far. This means that world heritage value forests are still under threat and subject to logging right now. I will therefore continue my treetop vigil to speak up for these forests and the species that call them home” said Ms Gibson.

“The visit from former senator Bob Brown has strengthened my resolve and commitment. He brought with him a message of support not only from himself, but from people all around Australia who want to see these forests protected. It was an inspirational visit and it has given me the courage to continue my efforts in the face of uncertainty about the progress of the forest talks” said Ms Gibson.

Meeting with Bob Brown reminded me of how many people have spent their lives tirelessly working towards the protection of these forest. Over the past decades Tasmania has lost significant tracts of forest and now it is time to ensure that our remaining high conservation value forests are protected” said Ms Gibson.

“Today I want to renew the vow I made seven months ago when I first climbed this tree. I want the world to know that I am not going anywhere until this forest is safely protected from logging” said Ms Gibson.

Media Release: Tree sitter Miranda Gibson remains committed to staying in the Observer Tree

19 July 2012

Australian tree-sit record holder Miranda Gibson has been maintaining a peaceful vigil over the threatened forests of Tasmania’s south-west for the past seven months, perched over 60 metres up a 300-year-old eucalypt in a forest at the centre of the current forest talks.

She has been sending her message about Tasmania’s forests to the world via her blog at

Despite the presence of a pro-logging protester who has set up camp at the base of the tree, Miranda has no intentions of coming down.

‘I’m here to provide a voice for Tasmania’s threatened forests and wildlife, and plan to remain in the Observer Tree until these forests receive the protection they deserve” said Miranda Gibson.

“I have been at the top of this tree for over seven months now. Any claims to the effect that I have left the ObserverTree are just plain wrong,” Ms Gibson said.

‘I remain committed to staying in this tree, standing up for these globally significant forests and the endangered species that rely on them for survival” said Ms Gibson.

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